Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What's in her purse ???

I've seen allot of what's in my purse on you tube on blogs so I decided to do my own , I never really carried anything with me I hate retouching my make up I do in the morning and that's it .But little by little more and more things started reaching my purse !!!! so I bought a bag for it so here it is 
Looks like a mess lolol
 ok soo for some reason I have three lipstick and three lip glosses 
first lipstick - NapolenPerdis -commander peach
Sephora - Maniac 
Sephora- ???? nude color 

Lip glosses  
smash box dual - Fabulous & Fresh 
Smashbox - everlasting 
Mineral Wear  - pink Sapphire
Rimmel Lasting finish - 103 true Ivory 
(didn't like it made me brake out )
Sephora - cooling cover stick - Moyen 

New blush from NYC creme Stick- 645u big apple

Make up 
Urban Decay - face case 
has a bit of everything to go

Stila - Onyx black eye liner pencil awesome !!!

Elf Eye brush
Kirkland travel blush brush 

body spray - bath and body works - moonlight pass 
Juicy couture - solid perfume
Tocca - Sample

two pair of earrings 
one braclet 
you never know when you need them jajaj

Extra's must have 
gum - Trident
Elf - make up pads remover (Must have ) 
Kiss - Nail glue 

lip gloss and lipsticks color 
lots of pink


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