Sunday, March 1, 2015

Its been a year

I had  been thinking about my blog lately and just going back to see it reminded me how much I missed it. Having a blog has always been scary for me ... My writing sucks and I know this.But I wanted to share all these amazing life changes I've gone threw.Or just talk to someone that say's hey I just went threw that.

Well Violet is 16 months to the day and she's the most special little girl

She loves to eat and sing and dance.Loves here Ama and ampa and jumps with joy every time her papa comes home from work.

As for me I'm completely out of my mind with shopping for her everyday if I can buy her something I do, even if its on online a new bow or she needs shoes. I've noticed the shopping never really ends when you have kids.

As for me personally well lets say... my fashion isn't much to talk about lately I'm really into jeans and cardigans right now and flats wow how things have changed. I do however style  my hair  and make up and all that good stuff ha ha ah

But since Violet is walking by the end of the day I look like a bus hit me ha ha ha

I just got Violets Instagram up and going that I also stopped posting for some reason I think I just wanted to enjoy Violet small there's so much competation on instagram and lets face it we all think our kids are just the cutest thing in this world so now that her outfits are so much better since she is standing and walking we are back on the instagram baby world.

Follow us = violetscloset1


So join for the ride tell me what you would like to talk about I'm open for some mommy talk email me

Monday, September 15, 2014

Mom guide to look your best

its 106 right now and I can't wait for fall to one with cute scarfs and fall boots as a new mom we just want to be comfy since I have a crawing baby I'm all over from watching her from making sure she didn't put that eye shadow in her mouth its a job that never stops and need comfort. Yes its easy to reach for those yoga pans BUT DONT theres easy alternatives .

wear stylish tops with some jeans don't forget to do your hair that always works 

Maxi dresses are always good they make you look stylish with out doing much 

pink lipstick always brighten my day  

SO to all my mommy readers hope these tips help you I will have some more for you next post see you next time. 

what do you do to look put toghter as a mom would love to know 

this little cutie says HI !!!!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Let it Be saturday

Oh saturday's morning  your  my favorite. I get to have some free time my husband takes care of my little one and I go SHOPPING and not just SHOPPING home decoration shopping. I go  to my local yard sales and end up at HOME GOODS .And every saturday it doesn't disappoint It like a fashion decoration high it makes me happy and it inspires me to do so many things to my house.Every weekend I go with a budget from 100 to 20.00 . Oh saturday's morning thank you for giving me this little hobby its what I needed.Here's some finds I found so far tell me what you think

Yard sale find for 20.00
love my hollyowood chic inspired curtains pillow from home goods benches  Target table I repurposed bought off a online site  Michael's owl and decoration
Rug is from Target Jars and decoartion

I just love how my living room is coming out I always get complaimented of the decoartion

I bought the couches and have worked around the design which pulled the black and white feel of the room . When designing a space always get the bigger pieces first and the rest will follow TRUST ME

well I have lots more to show you but I will wait for another saturday  fun day


Thursday, June 12, 2014

little pathway project

 When you have a home there's so many projects that are going around in your mind that you feel that you might explode even pinterrest hasn't updated so much I'm on that thing nonstop.I had this dry no grass growing patch right outside my house I'm mean that was the first thing you saw when you came in and it bugged me. You know ever since I moved allot of things bug I might be getting OCD I don't like seeing things unorganized mmmm I wonder.,.. ok back to the project.

So I thought  how about some rocks and bricks make a walk way and straighten this little eye sore out

let me show you my outside project

I went with the red brick it went perfectly
My daughter wanted to part of the fun this is her and my husband straightening out the rocks. Ok when doing a project like this just remember you need allot I mean allot of rocks this little section alone took 7 bags of ocean rocks. After a quick run back to store we finished.

so here it is the finish project !!! super cute right just today I bought some solar lights and I placed them along the edges 

so if you have a eye sore in your home think about rocks and bricks they do wonders 

well ladies till the next project 
thanks for stopping by 


Monday, June 2, 2014

I Moved ...

There always comes a time for new things,changes, goals to achieive limits to reach. My life these last couple of months have been amazingly blessed where I am today to where I was last year is no where near. As a couple my husband and I have good threw so much is so little time.The blessing of my daughter has opened our doors to so many things.

When your single you live anywhere, once a little one is in your life all views in life switch. Its like you have a third eye all of a sudden . Better schooling better neighborhood the list goes on and on .So my husband and decided to move home bigger and in a very nice neighborhood. I have always been a city action girl don't get me wrong this suburban lifestyle will take a bit to get use to. But its all for my daughter she's totally worth it !!

So now that I'm moving so many projects are awaiting for me so that being said I'm also moving my blog to a fashion blog to a lifestyle bog. Since my life has become so busy with diaper change to slipping on whatever looks decent I think its only fair to my blog and give it chance to grow with me. Hope you join me with this change really hope you do I'm planning to take my new home project with baby stuff and just blog about that of course I'm still a stylish momma when I can so I'll try to post some OOTD here and there jajaj

It was fun but time has changed and momma has new things to blog about !!!

         Farewell Curves Ahead fashion blog hello Curves Ahead mom and home deco projects

your friend ,


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mothers day

Mother Day is this Sunday and I feel so excited to celbrate this day for it is my first Mother's day .Never would I have thought I would have had the honor to be a mother. My little girl is now 6 months,the most life changing months of my life. I have never felt so much love so much worry so much unknown as I have experianced these few months. Life has changed and I can't even imagine my old life any more. Violet made everything complete she was the missing piece to our puzzle of life. She gave us reason and something to look forward to.

Now being a mother has really opened my eyes to what my mother has done for me. And I'm so lucky to have the most amazing mom that now is my daughter grama . My mom showed me to believe in myself to love with no conditions and to be who ever I wanted to be. I pray to be as good as a mom to Violet like my mom has been to me.

to all the mom's, I praise you for our jobs are hard but very rewarding . Being a mom isn't a choice its a privilege .

SO happy mother's day to you to me and to my mom. My all your days be long full of love heath and happiness.

best wishes from your friend

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dinning room make over

well hello my friends I have another idea boiling in my brain to redue my dinning area . Mind you I live in a very small place. So when you have a small place you need big ideas to put everything you need. Now with Violet I want my dinning section to be more open more walk space and more seating what better way for all this to happen then to do a bench seating.

Like this

of course my place looks nothing like these pictures but one great thing I did get out of these images is the table and I love this table I think its great. Perfecto for my small family and for Violet I can move it around I think its perfect I found it at Ikea

ikea table

so that's a start right and I want to do a wall paper wall and I can't decided in colors

so well see where I take this I will for sure post pictures of the progress

talk to you soon any ideas head them my way !!!


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