Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dinning room make over

well hello my friends I have another idea boiling in my brain to redue my dinning area . Mind you I live in a very small place. So when you have a small place you need big ideas to put everything you need. Now with Violet I want my dinning section to be more open more walk space and more seating what better way for all this to happen then to do a bench seating.

Like this

of course my place looks nothing like these pictures but one great thing I did get out of these images is the table and I love this table I think its great. Perfecto for my small family and for Violet I can move it around I think its perfect I found it at Ikea

ikea table

so that's a start right and I want to do a wall paper wall and I can't decided in colors

so well see where I take this I will for sure post pictures of the progress

talk to you soon any ideas head them my way !!!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday I'm in love

Well hello ladies, hope your having a great day. Its a rainy Friday been home all day with my little sickie baby she has a cough so I put  my mommy pants on  and took care of her the best I could. This would be her first time getting sick and let me tell you its nerve wracking ... Never had a baby before and never a sick baby and its so scary I mean when you have a cold you take something and power threw it but a baby oh my its don't use that use this what if ... you get the picture right

Well new moms out there just know whatever you do your doing a fantastic job, being a mom  is diffcult and you should always remind yourself how great your doing.

My daughter even when she's not feeling well she gives me this huge smile all my doubts vanish . Being a mom is a learning proccess and we can just take it a day at a time !!!

in other baby news !!! I have a baby section in the works  for my online store Fancy Steps . I'm so excited on this project.I can't say I know everything about baby clothes or shoes but I"m so eager to learn and I know whatever I do I will do it with love and with all I have so I have that going for me !!

well ladies duties call I'll talk to you all soon

email me if you to chat
talk to you later

Your friend

Friday, February 21, 2014

30 by 30 recap

well this 30 by 30 was super easy !!! I didn't even realize I was doing it really I guess after baby Violet my closet doesn't have that many options to start with it.And with a 3month year old my taking pictures was really slaking so I'm super sorry.My girl Amy from Amy Fashion blog find  http://amyfashionblog52.blogspot.dehere  did a amazing job she looked amazing in all her styles thank you so much for joining me !!!

So here's some of my fave's let me know what you think !!!

here's a couple of my outfits !!! can you believe I actually fit into jeans again !!! after having a baby 3 months ago its been super hard to get back into a work out  Since you have a baby to take care of !!! but I've been on a diet and I couldn't be happier with the slow results I'm seeing. I have lost 48 pounds since Violet,and I have so much more to go but lets just take it one day at a time.

And I changed my hair !!! actually after having a baby blond hair wasn't my friend actually my hair pretty much feel out !!! like allot !!! I'll tell you about it on the  next post

Hope you ladies have a great weekend talk to you soon

your friend,
Monday, January 27, 2014


well my week was fun mixing and matching my 30 by 30 !!! wanted to share with you y favorite look I loved it felt great in this outfit and the heels where so comfy. Since my sad situation with heels right now since I had my baby girl I haven't been able to get into heels I've been buying flats and that makes me sad =( its been 3 months so I have to patient right yes !!!

Here's my look that I loved

Old navy top ,fancy steps skirt and scarf and heels !!! loved these I found a pair that I could walk in thank goodness !!!

if you want to see my complete week of look visit my album Here

thanks for stoping by loves !!! how was your weekend would love to know about it

talk to you soon xoxo

ps my little me and I those cheeks I just can't stand

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

30 by 30 one day at a time

well hello my curvy bueaties !!! well I started my 30 by 30 the first day the day went way to fast and I didn't get to get a good picture another thing I haven't done is take a picture of all the clothes. But with a new born you must excuse me. But I will take pictures everyday of my outfits its actually great  timing I'm on a diet yet again and this will show me if I"m losing or not !!!

well here's my look a nice relax look for a mom on the go !!! My daughter and I love to go shopping we are always out actually my husband told me today that her first word is going to be mom and second shopping !!! well she is my duaghter geez  

So I'm wearing some old navy skinny jeans and H&M flannel top and fancy steps scarf with some old booties !!! I wore no extensions today I like to change it up once in a while

so ladies hope you like my post I hope to post the rest of the weeks outfits have a great day and talk to you all soon

if all moms could be this glamorous but look at her face geez right

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I challenge you

Ladies I want to invite you to challenge yourself to find your innner fashionista I'm going to try to do the 30 for 30 challenge.That means 30 items from your closet mix and match for 30 days !!!

I'm starting a new diet plan trying to lose this baby weight and having a hard time trying to do new outfits fitting my new role as a stylish  mom . I feel that this will help me bring back my fashion and get to know how to dress my body, I did this challenge once before and I loved it so are you ready for the challenge.
 see my pictures from my last challenge 30 for 30 1st try

I will be posting my outfits on instagram user name -CURVESAHEAD and hastag #curves30

So do you want to join me email me so we can support each other as we do this 30 for 30 . It will Start January 20th so gives you all weekend to round up your outfits. OH did I mention no shopping for 30 days haha yes I had to slip that in there NO SHOPPING so not only do you get to know your closet but you save !!!

talk to you soon, thanks for stopping by
Curves xox

Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 sad to see you go

First off Happy New year my curvy bueaties and gents !!! its a new year a time  that we can start over do things different, see what we did last year and not do the same mistakes again. New year new you, it truly inspiring to see everyone living the new year moment. That's exactly what it is a moment ... months fly by and those resolution you made you may have forgotten them.Or you  my have fallen to your same routinue eaither way .Today we celebrate and reflect on what 2013 has brought us and hope for the best of 2014 !!!

I'm actually sad to see 2013 go this year was so good to me. A year full of blessing I welcomed my baby girl this year Violet Ruby and for that 2013 you will never be forgotten. I'm sad to see you go but thankful to for what's to come, so I welcome 2014 with a big hug  full of hopes and dreams.

thanks for stopping by hope too see you back soon HAPPY NEW YEAR

you can see my last 2012 post !! see how I still think the same 2012 new years


My little baby V you are my special New years ...


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