Sunday, May 2, 2010

Brown eye Girl - Brown smokey eye

Today I will be showing you tips on doing the perfect brown smokey eye for a causal look .First you start  with a eye base I'm using a tart pallet .

After frame your face by doing your eyebrows with any shade of brown eyeshadow  with a angle brush, if you have full figured eye brows you can use a gel or a eye brow pencil.I'm using Kat Von D ( leather )

after apply Mascara but don't over do your mascara for it can look tacky if you have to much mascara on .If your looking for a dramatic look you can apply false lashes you can spice this look for a night out . I'm using smash Box Bionic Mascara and Shiseido Eyelash curler

After to have your eye stand out eyeline your water line from right to left but stop where your lashes stop ,I'm using a angle brush with the Kat Von D pallett black ( lucifer )

After apply a base color any light color with a bit of shimmer start with the eye duck up toward the eye brows with a fluffy brush . I used a Stilla Pallet   color Precious pearl

After to emphasize the crease use a dome brush with a hard tip and go around the crease I'm using a Stilla Pallet that with a light brown and a reddish brown

 After Apply a darker brown around your eyelid in the middle from the lighter eyeshadow and your eyebrow .I used the same Stilla Pallet with a shadier brush .

 Your eye should look like this,  you can see   there different colors the base the light brown and the dark brown .Now make your eyes pop with a liquid eye liner .Just go from the top but leave the eye duck clear and apply on the water line .I'm using Smash Box eye pots and eye liner brush .

 Hope you liked this look it's fresh and easy any question or any ideas you guys would like to see just email me !!!!

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