Sunday, July 18, 2010

in the mood for a facial ----review

I went to CVS the other day to buy my KISS nails ,and I found this cute little facial packet . I purchased it and last night I tried it out I wanted to do a review on it !!!

The instruction are super easy add two table spoons of water and mix it , it becomes into this cakie  paste and then apply it to a clean face . So that what I did I applied it on my skin and within 10 minutes it got super hard hahah I couldn't move my face it was like cement .The package says its a pull  off but I think it should say wash off for pulling it off you can irritant your skin  .

I washed my skin and it felt sooo soft and clean overall good product good price, drawback a bit messy

Hope you enjoyed my review =)

1 comment:

Christine said...

I love trying out different facial masks. :)
have tried alot of different ones and i found a really good one in a store called Vita here :)

Smells like candy after you wash it off haha :)


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