Sunday, July 18, 2010

liking what I see !!!

Every weekend My husband and I like to go to H&M or forever 21 or the mall, its like part of us to go and look around . We both our  little shopaholic lol here's some of my picks this weekend

have you noticed all the sweater at the store suxxx its so hott to look at all those sweaters !! but makes me think of the winter oh how I love the winter =) 

Two belts from H&M one ring and a sleeveless top in color pink love this color I got this at the new Culver city mall on Saturday  , Also on Sunday went to forever 21 bought  a pair of jeans and a yellow tank top from the new Faith 21 in Americana In Glendale the plus size section which is amazing for jeans for girlies  with curves!!!! right next door there's a H&M I couldn't not stop by  I found a nice white sweater and a coral color shirt !!! awesome finds 

hope you guys like 
thanks for stopping by


Christine said...

Loveeeee these things you bought. I really want to try a juicy perfume, heard alot of great things about them :)

Nadia said...

LOVE THAT PINK! I def want to shop now!


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