Friday, July 16, 2010

Loving you is all I want to do

This week I felt exactly what love and  how strong love can be. This week I felt as thou my  world had turned upside down  ,my husband was in the hospital and for a quick second I felt the world had just stopped and everything else was turning really fast .I had never felt this way ,my  life as a married women flashed right before my eyes  good times sad time mad times everything .I sat there wishing it was me that was sick not my husband that I could take his pain away that I could take care of him . But I couldn't it was in the doctors hands and I felt so helpless.
                                Its a feeling a never want to  have again , I thank God for his recovery and appreciate that he listened to my prayers. This made me realized life is to short and never take any moment for granted. For all I want to do is love you

Blog dedicated to my husband 

Having faith well get us by

My husband came home today and brought me flowers he said " I brought you flowers because you took care of me " and I answered " you don't have to thank me , I wouldn't have been anywhere else then with you  "

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