Friday, August 13, 2010

My first Blog award "Sweet Friends Award" ahhhhh

I received my first blog award from beautiful Nichola 
Ok this is my first so I hope I don't screw this up !!!lol
                                                                Rules are :
1. Post who gave you this award
2. State 1o things that you love
3. Give this award to 8 other blogger
Now ... Onto the 10 things that I love! 
 I love blogging , I have the greatest time doing it I've meet the most amazing people on here. and I just can't wait  for what's to come !!! these last two months have been amazing
My husband is my rock he is my everything I most have done something right in my life to had been blessed with such a great husband . He's my number one Fan and I love him 09/03/05
I love my mother she's my best friend she has been threw so many things with me
I love her so much that words can't describe how much she means to me  she's truly a amazing women .
I love going out to eat omg if I could go around the world and be a food critic I would love life , I love all kinds of food but I really like to go to nice restaurants and look how people behavior its funny and plus the food is amazing . And I love to photograph food!!!

 Love my camera has shown me a new world  its me and my camera against the world lolol
 I love high heels I have about 85 pairs of high heels and I wear them everyday actually my feet hurt if I wear flat shoes !!!now that's commitment 
Love my nephew he's 5 mnths and he's adorable I come from a small family so he's extra special to me he's all I got !!! and I love my brother and he's part of him .Its great to be a aunt =)
 Love Starbucks Oatmeal  Best breakfast ever
Love forever 21 accessorizes
Love traveling I want to visit as much places as I can , I went to Europe last year it was amazing ,that's just the start !!!

Awesome thank you !!! NANA


Aranza said...

Wow 85 pairs!! Im jealous :) I cannpt wear them, i am tooooo tall lol!

Princess Feef said...

awww thx gorgeous for the tag <3 hugs

and AWESOME 85 pairs !

my feet hurt too when i wear flats ! lol

i love my high heels ,, but if they r new and not break ,, or its closed and my toes rub ,, it hurts also =(

i love photography too <3 keep it up ,, hugs

Christine said...

85 pair of shoes <3
can you please do a shoe post, showing us your favorite shoes? :)

-mztoots- said...

your husband looks like a hottie! lol you really must have done something right! haha and i love the fact that you 85 pairs of shoes! shoes are my addiction as well! high heels are a MUST for a short ass girl like me lol

Curves Ahead lifestyle blogger said...

thanks fro your comments ladies
omg great all my husband needs he's the most coincided person ahahah
thanks you guys
you completely inspire me



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