Friday, August 6, 2010

Ready for the Juicy

Went to the mall for lunch and fell in love with this little black purse its adorable feels great and its perfect !!! it had been a while since I had bought a purse so I was super excited about it !!!

Hope you guys like it  !! love what it says inside SHOP!!! couldn't get better then that


nana said...

I used to really love juicy.
i think its cute how they always add little words into the pockets and stuff :-)

Curves ahead makeup said...

thank for stopping I'll follow you and please follow me talk to you soon =)

Maria on Amy Heartz said...

I love The Cute Bag. Great Pick!

xMythical - the beauty and reality blog. said...

Gorg bag, omg I'm so jealous ahah

Zahra; x


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