Monday, August 2, 2010

The search of the perfect curling Iron continues

The search of the perfect curling Iron continues one weekend two curling irons ,I bought some new extensions so I wanted to curl them my hair has always been short so I never had a good curling irons so I decided it was time to upgrade .
I have a great straighter that I bought at the mall years ago and surprisingly it's been great, I mistreat it and it's always there when I need  hahah.
I was thinking hot  curlers but I haven't found any that are really what. I want I bought this curler at sally's and it was so bad I burned myself like ten times . and the handle was no good.
So I went back to the mall and picked one of those curlers in the booth jaajaj  if you guys know of any other choices I'm so willing to try them out

Its so cute its pink and it has this little glove so I'm safe from the burns with this one =)
 Here's my extensions that started it all so great to be a women short hair long hair we can do it all
85.00 extension 7 tracks


*Starsglittermagic* said...

i always find it so hard to find a good curling iron too, especially as my hair seems to never hold curls! mostly i use straightens for curls but will give these a try now =) xx

Christine said...

I own 4 curling/straightening irons that i use and love. Really recommend you to try them.

Nr 1: Ghd pink limited edition.

Nr 2: Ti creative purple leopard, this iron is GORGEOUS <3

Nr 3: t-ion digital curling iron

Nr 4: a really old one from Loreal, but it works amazing.

If you want i can make a blog post, showing you how these irons look like. :)

If i should recommend you one of these, it would be nr 2, that is one gorgeous iron :)

Christine said...

the hugo boss perfume is amazing, you have to try it :)

Curves Ahead lifestyle blogger said...

Yes Doll do a blog I just purchased some hot curlers to jajaja

Girls will be girls


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