Friday, October 22, 2010

Perfect gift

Hey pretty ladies I wanted to share this amazing Stilla kit that my Friend from Texas Karen sent me , she's the sweetest I revived it in the mail today !!!. I convinced her to buy it because how I praised Stilla and since she was there I told her to pick me up one =) and since she's such a doll she did !!! but as I did the swatches for this post I noticed something really weird .... this quality in product isn't the good Stilla I'm use to . Let me get to the pictures so you guys can see for your self = )
Here it is Thanks Karen
Has everything you need
So lets start with the eye shadows
natural , browns there's no name to them sorry
First row
2nd row purples
as you can see the light colors are very ,very light
3rd and 4th row browns
I didn't see that much pigments I was really surprised especially from Stilla
5th and 6th row blues and some more purples these are the darkest
but look at the fall out of the shadows this happened to all of them , and started to get on the glosses =(
 Next to the lip glosses I have to say these are really good not stinky and very vivid color , really enjoyed all the lip swatches
From pink to orange to brown and red
First row down
Second row down
Last row has my favorite the third one down love that pink
This one

Ok now to the blushes that really disappointed me there really bad
Look at this fall out =( really bad
And these colors only the last one you can really notice it and I was pressing hard 
Now the Highlight  and bronze which absolutely bad super fall out
this part of the case wasn't the greatest =( 

by this point  I was so embarrassed with my friend Karen for I swear on Stilla products, and made her buy this  ,What I  liked was the lip glosses .
I'm going to try out the eyeshadow before I give up on them !!! overall this pallet means  so much to me for it was a gift, even if the quality wasn't what I expected =( Sorry Karen I'm going to get you a stilla pallet and you'll notice the difference

well ladies thanks for stopping by !!! have a great weekend , I'm buying my giveaway today for my three hund followers all thanks to you guys I'm so great full to have you guys following me . Mean so  much to me to share the things I love with each and everyone of you !!! that everyone here is my inspiration , thank you


MissAva said...

:-O I really want this!

Unknown said...

oh Stila is one of my fav makeup brands!..beautiful!

VIPXO said...

oohhh it all looks so good!

Beautydiva said...

Its pretty... But the glosses are very nice :)

LillianZahra said...

Looks like a gorgeous palette, shame that the shadows aren't very pigmented. x

Savannah said...

The fallout is really bad. That's stinks! I expect a lot more from Stila.


Marie said...

I really don't like those huge palette usually, this only prove me right I think

I would much rather spend my money on single items that I know are good than on those huge palette where the quality is lacking!

Collette Osuna said...

Holy WOW hunnie!!!
That palette has it ALL!!! How amazing and sweet of her to send it to you.....:)

Enter my awesome Tulle giveaway♥

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

great gift.

Anonymous said...

hi, i just followed u..
great blog, loved every post, very inspiring
please check mine out when u have the time

keep up the good work

ViOoOlicious said...

THat sucks! Your right, the glosses are the pretty!

Christine said...

the colors look very pretty, sad that the eyeshadows isnt that pigmented :/
Have never tried Stila before, but i hope i get the chance to do it :)

xoxo Christine

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

It's a nice gift! Sorry it didn't live up to expectations. said...

stila is a great brand im surprised about all that fallout from the blushes and they dont even look that pigmented either.

morgan. said...

ah, lovely.

Risa said...

This is the perfect palette! OMG..

Makeup And Fashion Freak said...

me too liked the lippies..super cute

Erica said...

Everything looks so nice and fun to use!

Anonymous said...

I love it!! it has so many colours!!

Anonymous said...

Ok this palette really does look amazing! But you are right, sometimes I have noticed that Stila eyeshadows are not very good. Its weird. I will be curious to see if you end up liking them or not!
All the colors look lovely though!


Princess Feef said...

thx for the swatches and the review hun =(
too bad ,, tho the kit looked gorgeous ,, too much fall outs

Alicia Lund said...

I love stila eyeshadows and eye liner!


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