Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas bliss

Hello all my pretty followers I wanted to share with you some fun and easy decorating ideas for your house to bring in the Christmas spirit into your home . I went a little bit  crazy this year in decorating only because I'm going to have family over Christmas and I want them to feel the Christmas spirit in my lil house .

Well the tree  I went with Red and Gold and put it in the middle that way any direction you can see it 
Best part of the year we do it together
I go this reef and extra pine for very inexpensive at Micheal's 1.99-2.99
Christmas flowers for a vase 2.99 each batch
Decoration for .59 cents and they where 50 % off 
 Makes any vase around the house have Christmas charm spent 6.00
on the reef place all decoration the way you would like your creation
Hang it , total spent 6.00 wow
Can't forget the mistletoe
put somewhere that there's no escaping a kiss
My buffet table I put some ornaments that I had in a bread storage, on a candle stand I decorated it with some same color ornaments
inexpensive tree's total spent 3.00
some festive vases with stars on the to I matched my pillow to go with the Christmas theme
1.00 each star

Hope you ladies enjoyed my ideas and I hope I inspired you ladies to  into the season , any other ideas you might have I would love to hear them !!!
talk to you soon till next time 

Yours Truly , 
Curves Ahead 


Reyna @reynasblogxo said...

Everything looks lovely! Great post! xx

Jessica said...

Beautiful Christmas decorations.

I love your Christmas tree. The red and gold look so good.

We are having a little giveaway over on our blog. I hope you can jump over and check it out. ☺

Jillian said...

Beautiful tree and decorations!

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

Very festive. I love it. I'm working on my house today. I still need a tree.

ellamarie84 said...

So pretty...I use red and gold on my tree, too! Love your stuff :)

Donna said...

beautiful xmas decorations and xmas tree!

Anonymous said...

Lovely! Christmas feeling :D

Leah ♥ said...

wow I love all the decorations! I love how you guys did the whole house and not just the christmas tree :)

Priscilla said...

That looks so pretty!!! I need to really decorate this year...i have a small tree but my kiddos love it! LOL

Lauren Baker said...

Aww, it looks lovely!

Barbra said...

I love the way you decorated your house! Were getting out Xmas tree this weekend!!! Ahhh I love Christmas time :)

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

Everything looks great Candy. I miss decorating our house for Christmas. We spend Christmas my cottage and because we are all grown up now we don;t really do the whole tree and decor thing. I wish we had a nice decorated house like yours. Great job.

Ramona said...

Well done hun!
Gorgeous Christmas decorations!

xo Ra

Mara said...

You're home looks so festive. Can I come over for Christmas? LOL. BTW great decorating tips. :)

s said...

putting the ornaments in the bread storage is such a great idea i like the way it looks!


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