Sunday, December 12, 2010

Huge Stilla warehouse Haul

Hello ladies how are you doing today , hopefully your having as great weekend !!! as for me Saturday early morning I went to the stila warehouse sale, and I have a huge haul for you ladies , I got crazy !!! I picked up so much stuff everything was marked down so much .So let me show you ladies what I got !!!
 I've never spent so much at one time for make up 210.00 and it was a sale omg
Had to get a shirt 
This was the line when I got there
 Two hours later I was close
Lets start with the lippies
1- longwear lip wear- adorable
2-long wear lip liner -obsessed
3-lip glaze - dragon fruit ~~~ Favorite ~~~
4-Lip glaze - Honey dew 
eye shadow wash in Kitten
Lip & Cheek stain 
Mango & pomegranate crush 
My barbie collection
Barbie pot Trio 
 Barbie starlet by night
talking eyeshadow very cool
of course the cobalt Clutch smudge pot
the 1971 Malibu Doll 
Aqua Shadows
with Malibu lip glaze
and lash visor mascera

the barbie lip enamel trio 
Loves these colors
the Charmed eye shadow pallet
Gold flakes
The black Diamond mascara that I don't really like
Pro Artist Pallet NO1
Love these colors 
prize,sparkle,kitten,grand,lucky , maxie
Another talking pallet smoky eye - sapphire collection 
and talks too
smudge pot collection 
gel liner 
kitten , violet,starry night, black
Love this moisturizer oil - free tinted moisturizer spf 30
Stila underneath the mistletoe collection
had things I had =( if anyone interested I will be selling all the duplicates I have
smudge pot - pomegranate 
major lash mascara
silk eye shadow kitten 
#26 concealer brush 
#4 brush  
omg !!! last the mother's day gift set 

like you can see I went crazy I bought so much, now looking at my post I  figured  out that I have a make up addiction hahahah ,  like I mention I got some duplicates if anyone is interested in purchasing some Mascara  or kitten wash let me know =) 

omg I also bought on line  I just noticed  that I didn't share with you guys omg seriously I'm done for a while with make up.... maybe hahah
this one is quick
stilla glitter eye liner
brush # 7
Sheer moister spf 15
eye brow trio
One step prime color
very pretty pink
told this one was quick also warehouse sale , so I just realized that I spent even more my hubs is going to kill me hahah

Yours Truly 
Curves Ahead 

I have more make up hauls coming up elf and sephora  
oh if you would like to see any swatches on any of these products please let me know ,thank you 


Unknown said...

wow that's alot. great haul. Lucky girl wish there's something like that here. loving the barbie collection :)

Veronica Glam said...

I extra super mega love the Barbie Collection! Great finds! Too bad I was home sick with the flu :(

Nada Makeup said...

oh my holy lord i nearly had a heaert attack seeing this lol ur so lucky stila is one of my favourite brands i especially love their lipglosses!!!

just to let you know im holding an international giveaway which includes an arabic make up palette if you're interested

Mara said...

WOW what a HAUL. You went nuts but hey, it was a good deal. I love the smudge pot collection.

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

Great Haul. You got tons of stuff.

Anonymous said...

great haul chica! lol about your hubby I'm sure he'll get over it

Amber said...

What an awesome haul! I am loving that smudge pot set, I have been wanted to try some out.

" A beauty blogger named Justine " said...

Great haul! I love stila but they discontinued it over here in the UK :( x

Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff!

Christine said...

oh my, this is amazing sweetie. Really wish we had Stila her, they dont ship to Norway either so i dont know how i can get my hands on some of these products. I really want that barbie collection, so cute.

xo Christine

liquoredonlacquer said...

wow I am so jealous that barbie collection is adorable!! :-D

Andrea. said...

Where was that at? I'm not a big fan of Stila but you got so much stuff. The blue gel liner looks amazing.

Amber said...

wow you really scored a ton of stuff, cant wait to see what it looks like on

Risa said...

Great Haul! I'm soooo envious...I need warehouse sale too..haha....can't wait for the swatches..



Holy moly! I can't believe you got ALL of that for $210! That is unbelievable...and what great stuff. The smudge pots are my fave. xo

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

wow you got so many great things. i don't own much stila but i love the look of everything. i really want stila's kitten shadow.

ViOoOlicious said...

Great haul!!!!

o said...

2 hours on the queue?? You are brave! I don't have that patience... I hate shopping over Christmas as I can't stand queueing or crowded places.
Really nice haul, though... I would love to see some make up looks!

Bronzed Humanity said...

Wow im totally jealous....I lOVEEEE makeup!

Natalie said...

Heyyy UR IN LA too. I was there! OMG was it crazy or what! I got there at 8:30 and waited 45 minutes before I got in. I spent $120 but man it was worth every second. I wont be buying make up for a LONG time..LOL I will gift about half of what I purchased. I love the pro palette I got that too!

Follow my blog since were both in LA, I post a lot of sample sale stuff, etc.

Toni Tralala said...

You're most definitely a Stila girl! If I only knew about the sale! :( I have a feeling I live close to you. :))

Jay Jay. said...

Thank you miss. I just read your blog and I love. Your so detailed. It is great! :]

Sean Grey Hanson said...

My girlfriend loves everything pink. She'd love these.

Zarna said...

this looks like such an amazing event!! i would love to go to something like this!

Laura said...

great pictures! love the barbie stuff


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