Thursday, December 30, 2010

I phone Recap

Here's another i phone recap of my week in the holiday's I we still have one more to go... oh my what to do , as i have gotten older the more staying home sounds just fine with me but another side of me refuses to get old and wants to go and paint the town red or blue whatever color it is lolol but we shall see what we think of . I was planning a Vegas trip but last minute Vegas trips are never to cheep to stay pretty much anywhere will be 500 a night so maybe we'll skip that all together  hahah. So here's my week i phone wrap ( sounds like a sushi roll or something lololo)
 I hate driving in the rain but I drove this day I have to concur my fears
Gift kept on getting gift at work they love me
my moms flowers for her bday and he new frame love you mom
making matty toys this Christmas was the best , hopefully as the years come he get to enjoy them more
 A day before Christmas I was a warping machine

The Burbank Tree it was my favorite
When I received the shoes !!!!
Christmas day cooking tamales with my mom , we made 50 I swear it was non stop I thought we would never finish
First time ever making candy apples omg they where delicious , I have better pictures with my camera that I'll post
I hosted Christmas this year and my place is small my oh my was it a mess I swear it was turned up side down !!!


Tiffany Monet said...

awww.. Great pics!

Thank you for sharing =)


Natalie said...

I love the holidays! Next time ur planning a trip to vegas holla at me! I have room deals at the Hilton for $95 all weekend including free buffets & YES new years was included!! xoxo

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

Great Pictures. Good Luck on going to Las Vegas.

Erica said...

That is a cool tree! I know what you mean about going out. I love going out but sometimes I feel like an old fogey. Today my husband and I spent an hour trying to decide if we should go out. We ended up eating ice cream and watching tv!

Mara said...

I'm still green with envy over your Louboutins and candied anything is sooo yummy especially apples. :)

BTW Happy New Year, my dear.

Kim Axani said...

Aww, looks like you had a great Xmas! Don't you hate cleaning up after? Boxes and wrapping everywhere!

Kelly Frances Dunn said...

I'm glad everything is charmed and looking bright your way :) Thanks for the rays of sunshine you bring to my inbox!! Best to you and yours XOXO, Kelly

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

looks like you had a great week!

Collette Osuna said...

The your pics sweets..Ive missed you!!!

Happy New Year!!

Stop by and say Hello:)
Statements in Fashion Blog♥

Ramona said...

Oh, You had bless with your family and its most important! Happy for You! You made so amazing Christmas party and so many great gifts. Happy New Year to both of You and your family!

xo Ra


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