Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter !!!

Hey ladies hope you had a great Easter , the day the Jesus resurrected after he died for all are sins , I was brought up very Catholic all my life .I went to private school and have fulfilled my sacraments   the best I could . So when it comes to Easter I never really know what bunny's and egg hunting have to do with all that but today I figured it out .... its a reason to be with the family if it's  Easter egg hunting or coloring eggs its a time to be with our love ones to share  special moments and build new memories and that's what God wants from us to love one another .
And that's what we did today we had a amazing get together with my family and these moments I will cherish forever, along with the ones when I was a small girl and my mother would go out and buy me a pretty puffy dress with those white tights and white shiny shoes (Hey I was styling ) .

So here I share with you the things that no amount of shoes or accessorize or make up  can't buy family that I love so much and thank God for having us all together .
of course I can't just do a regular basket
the egg coloring section
the egg hunt
he really enjoyed
with he's dad

 As I looked threw the pictures I noticed I didn't have any picture of all the family sucks hate it when I do that !!!
I wished you the best Easter today I'm so very blessed to have meet you all and love to share the things that are close to my heart with all of you , Thanks for stopping by see you next post 

Yours Truly, 

My hubs was looking very handsome today 
" you make me fall in love everyday more and more Love you , Cara "


Amy's Fashion Blog said...

Glad you had a good Easter.

Unknown said...

Awe im glad you had a great Easter!

Tracy D said...

Sounds like you had a lovely Easter weekend, full of tradition & the spirit of the holiday!

Unknown said...

aaawww...girly it looks like you had a blast and those eggs were decorated super cute!! Your boyfriend is a lucky guy for having you in his just seemed so adorable and caring!


Alexis the Honey B said...

LOVE these pics! especially the ones of the little guy! ADORABLE!!! :)

Donna said...

your easter looked so fun! :)

Bronzed Humanity said...

Aww cute photos! Hope you had a good easter!
Hot Pink Day

Erica said...

How cute! Looks like so much fun and look at your hubby stylin'! Aren't kids cute on Easter? I had a good Easter and made my little niece a basket filled with toys and chocolates, she was so excited!

Bread, Butter And Fashion said...

Nice blog!
Come visit mine if you like!
Kisses, Elisabetta

Bread, Butetter & Fashion


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