Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Palm springs 4th July weekend

Hey ladies I'm back and my oh my did I have a great time this weekend !!! Palm springs was on fire literally at 118 sure felt like it was on fire ahaha and fourth of July we arrived to a awesome BBQ to Fireworks extravaganza that's what my brother called it all night " the fireworks BBQ, s'morges , extravaganza " and that was exactly what it was let me show you !!!
it was blazing here it was so hot the cabana we rented was so hot we couldn't stand be inside of it
speaking about hott hhehehe
this was so good i hadn't had a drink in a while
enjoyed some lunch in the hotness
this place was like a Italian Villa it was perfect
going out to dinner I went with  a colorful eye make up
I kept true to my 30 by 30 why are my eyes close
here's # 20 I went above my comfort zone but !! like I said it was HOt !!!! and humidity bad bad combo

how do they keep everything so green
my soul mate he's my everything everyday I fall more in love with him
we stayed in the next night great to just relax 

here's some pictures of the resort I love getting design ideas from resorts they have the best interiorr designers 

oh did I mention we went to the mall, and casino didn't buy much and didn't lose much either
oh and here's my 21st day on fourth of July rocking the red , white and blue
and the make up went with a blue around the eyes
So I'll post a second half to this 4th of July I think this post is super long hope you enjoyed the pictures and stayed tune.......................................................................
doesn't this look way to comfy 


Unknown said...

I told you the heat aint no fun girl! Well it wasn;t that hot here in AZ but the place looks amazing so romantic vibe. Love the way the romper looks on you, and your makeup of course. You look great Candy and so good to see you had fun w.the hubs.

Unknown said...

WOW what an amazing resort it truly does look like an Italian Villa so beautiful! Great pictures and your hubby and you are such an adorable couple!! Great outfits as always and most gorgeous shoes!!! :)

<3 Marina

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures. What a gorgeous place and a fun weekend. Your makeup, as always, looks flawless.

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

Gorgeous scenery, gorgeous girl! Looks like an amazing weekend.

Estefania Lovelifefashion said...

I loved this post, you both have had a great time in there. ok, it was hot and humidity but what a great place to stay!!! :)
You look fab. in your dresses, perfect for the hot weather ;)
Kisses lovely.

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

glad you had a great weekend.


Ramona said...

You look gorgeous!
I love your make up and you have paired so amazing looks.
What a great weekend you both had!
Well done!

xoxo Ra

Natalie said...

Look like you had a great relaxing time. My co-worker was there as well as said the same, 118!! Glad you had fun.. Cute outfits too. Love your platforms, you rock em well.


Andrea. said...

Wow that place looks gorgeous like yourself :D

Dani*LaLa said...

seems like you had soo much fun glad you enjoyed your weekend =)

Erica said...

How fun! You look cute in all the pictures :)

Wild as a Mink said...

woah, looks like a fantastic weekend getaway! I'm jealous...all I did was go to Coney Island, not nearly as fab as Palm Springs! hahaha actually Coney Island is complete trash!

Gorgeous Glam said...

I love PS but girl it's freakin' hot over there right now! Love the cute outfit and makeup!! xo

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I can't wait to see the second half !! It looks like you had a fabulous stay in Palm Springs, lucky you hun!

AND those heels... are to die for!!!! I couldn't help but notice them. I'm loving both the tan and black ones. Where'd you get them from???



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