Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weekend Girlie look wrap up

Hey ladies ,hope you are doing good I wanted to do a weekend and weekday outfits and some little tricks to make a outfit stand out !!!
Business to casual 

So here's a dress I had very consterivtive  deep Purple long sleeve dress  , I threw on some black wedges from Fancy Steps  to make this very classy looking dress kinda casual and it worked . If you think a dress is to dressy for everyday throw on some wedges and see how it can transform your look.

Bring a new light to a old dress

I had this dress FOREVER I bought it at Ross years ago so since the neon trend is  going on  you don't need to go get a new outfit to stay on the trend just work with accessories. I got this forever 21 belt neon yellow for 1.50 (no joke ) and this target clutch for 12.oo and oh yeah new on trend outfit !!! see told you you don't have to empty the bank for trend   

Working Pastel 

I bought these pants at TJMAX and I love them but they are lil out of my comfort zone they are so light so if your like me you can never go wrong with black !!! I paired it with a long black top that I bought at marshals and I  lighten  with my mint heels from Fancy Steps and added some mint to my make up !!!

Mint & pink 
since I'm in a mint craze I got these pants that I love , Mint is so hard to pair I got this pink top from my last haul the you can see here!!! mint pink you can't go wrong !!!

How to wear a spring Blazer

Since summer is fast approaching us that means HOT weather. If you still like the blazer look try  flowy  material or a short sleeve or a kimono sleeve like this one. Throw it on your favorite dress and it gives you a polish look with out the hotness of a blazer !!! 

That's it ladies till next time 



Blanca1018♥ said...

I love them all!
If i had to chose only one I would be in trouble :)
Stay beautiful!

Rai said...

Love all your outfits!

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

All the outfits are cute.

Anonymous said...

omg i looooove all the heels, and the last dress looks amazing on you!! :) thanks for sharing!

Camille said...

Love the weekend girly looks!! Looking amazing!

Unknown said...

Love all these looks, feather print dress is my fav

Following, and looking forward to future posts.

Heather said...

Why can't we be neighbors? Oh, because you would never get me out of your makeup stash and closet hehe, probably for good read :)

Unknown said...

I love the mint, pink, and peach colors! You and I are truly fashion soulmates!

Unknown said...

Love the mint accessories and shoes!


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