Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Magical Make up Box

Hello my lovely ladies, I came up with a great idea today!!! a magical make up box!!!  a section dedicated to all my favorite make up,with reviews,samples and make up looks.I also want you ladies to participate in this magical make up box ,I'll be asking you for your favorites and make up tips!! .It will be great to see what we like and create this magical box.

My first item has to be lipstick,and my go to lipstick right now has to be

Brand -Milani Cosmetics
Drug Store make up
Color- Rose Hip
Price - 4.99

Pink lipstick has to be my favorite shade,this vibrant shade of fuchsia-pink is the perfect hot pink smooth, creamy and pigmented.Lasts a long time with minimal touch-ups needed and feels so lightweight.It can be mistaken for MAC's Candy Yum yum but for the price I think Milani takes the award  for the best priced pink lipstick .Now that Milani has launched their website you can find it here - Rose Hip lipstick
First of many products to come. Now ladies which pink lipstick is your favorite?,and what do you think should be the next make up item to add to the magical make up box?, can't wait to read all your comments.

Maybe at the end of year I'll do a giveaway with all the favorite items that were collected.That would be awesome!!! 
till' next post 
lipstick swatch 


Jessica said...

Its so pretty and girly!

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

That lipstick is such a pretty pink. I love my buxon London lip gloss.

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

That is a brilliant shade of pink. You look so pretty!

Unknown said...

This is awesumous pink color :)

Anonymous said...

what color of pink should i use (im in the dark side skin color)

Anonymous said...

color recomendations for brown skin color for lipstik and eye shadows..


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