Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Orange

Hello Ladies hope you had a great weekend, This is my weekend look that I wore for a dinner date with the hubs. I just bought this dress and couldn't wait to wear it. You can see it on my haul here, It was super inexpensive only 10 dollars,wow! right?. Doesn't matter how much you spend on a dress as long as you accessoriese well you can make it look high end.  

What I wore,dress and jacket from Gstage, light scarf and belt H&M and my all time favorite heels from my store Fancy Steps
This picture is so funny,I hate when people see me take pictures,I get in a panic,its crazy !!! I was across the street from my house and I was so paranoid that someone was going to see me,I just wanted to leave lol.This surprise photo made it to my blog  (can you see the nervouses in my face )  !!! do you like taking pictures in public or do you fear them like I do??

Hope you have a great positive week ahead of you ,talk to you soon

Big hugs


Unknown said...

I like the scarf the print on it is so fun and goes great with that jacket. The colors compliment each other as well. I love that last pic looks candid not nervous. People ae so nosy when taking pics I agree. Im not taht shy about it but if they stare too much then I just stare back lol.

Anonymous said...

heck no!!! i get soooo shy in public!!!! lol... even at home im paranoid that someone gonna see me! hehehe.. love the dress though!! 10 dollars is a freaken bargain! xoxo

John B. Marine said...

No matter how much an outfit costs to put together, looking and feeling beautiful is priceless. You, Candy, have priceless beauty for such an inexpensive look. Nothing hotter than a pair of platform high-heel pumps. They are about as hot as this orange dress. This blue blazer is very nice as well with a lovely blue color. Sweet style shown by you here!


Unknown said...

Love this color combo! You look amazing.

Adriana said...

Your outfits are always super cute! I love how these colors look together. I get so shy too!! lol

Omg I hadn't been able to view your blog. I thought you had made it private. Every time I clicked on the icon that shows up when you leave a comment it would not direct me to your blog :(

Jessica said...

ur flippen gorgeous doll

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

I don't mind taking picture in public. I just need some one to take the picture for me. Cute Dress. I wore an orange dress yesterday to work.

Blanca1018♥ said...

Your dress is gorgeous!
You always know how to pair up everything.
I'm right with you on being shy when taking pictures in public, even when family member catches me it's like 'ooops!' haha
So well worth it tho, anything for our blogs right?

Ariana said...

love the outfit, orange and blue look so good together... I kinda freak out too when I am taking pictures, if i am in a group it's ok but when i am taking pictures for my blog and people stop and stare i freak out and get shy...lol

Ghadeer said...

love <3

Mimi said...

you look fantastic! i love the color combination, so pretty! :)

<3, Mimi
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Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

What a fantastic outfit for a dinner date. Bet your hubs enjoyed it.

Marley said...

I am in love with orange dresses this summer! Looks fantastic!


Unknown said...

super cute outfit ! per usual :)

also I had a question. I bought a pair of shoes from your site, but I was wondering how long it would take to arrive ?

Alexandra Marie


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