Monday, August 13, 2012

long over due

well hello my pretty ladies, what can I say its been way to long since I last blogged I just haven't been inspired to blog uggg does this happened to you and if it does what do you do ???  well I decided I missed you ladies to much and got my butt in gear. So this will be a collective post with pictures of my  daily life so you get to know me better and we can catch up with what I've been up to.

Here's a day's life of Curves Ahead Fancy girl

Well may days always start like this
 So starbucks and birth day cake cake pop is a must something about that combo that just makes my day !! and my new love Crunch Bars soooo yummy

Now I have to admit this computer has to be my only friend !!! well a very close friend I'm with her all day and I'm just obsess with it.

well another reason why I haven't blogged is working tirelessly on my new site can't wait I'm like beyond  excited to share this project with you guys !!! 

My cutie Pie Missy that just makes everything better she's super funny and we hang out all day so she's a huge part of my everyday 

Shipping has become a big part of my everyday from the blessing of Fancy Steps we are super busy I've meet some amazing people shipping !!! and hands down office depot  best place ever to get your shipping done 

and Fancy Steps has been in local events !!! introducing our brands  and interacting with our fancy Customers its such a great experiance and beyond proud to see how Far Fancy steps has gone and what to come I'm so ready 

  and Just a bit obsessed with buying Accessories 

 and of course can't be all work has to be fun hanging out with my favorite people in the whole world my mom and my nephew and my family !!! taking family lil trip like this one to the aquairiam

And falling in love with my hubs day in and day out 

And now some outfits if you follow me on instagram you seen these posted please follow me curvesahead or fancysteps for daily updates 

my favorite shoes these neon orange pumps I'm in love pants Marshalls ,top Gstage, Shoes Fancy Steps and necklace 

 Orange shoes again !!! from Fancy Steps Dove dress Fancy Steps and blazer from Marshalls 

This was date night old Forever 21 skirt and peplum top form Gstage,speedy30 from 2004 pumps Fancy steps 

Well ladies it was nice catching up with you I hope to visit all your blog soon , till then keep it Fancy 



Heather said...

yay so glad to see a new post!

Unknown said...

Love all the images you look great in all your outfits I love the dove dress its so flowy and cool. Omg look at Miss Fancy she is too cute she is your little assistant. Aw glad you shared these.

Camille said...

You look amazing as ever! You should be s proud of all you have accomplished! Dream come true for you!!

Adriana said...

Love those cake pops from Starbucks. You always dress so cute, and I want all of the shoes you wear lol.

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

You look amazing. Congrats on every thing.

John B. Marine said...

Candy, those orange pumps are awesome. The color of those babies are like molten lava. Nothing is hot quite like molten lava. Really, a lot of these outfits of yours here are lovely. Keep up the great work with all that you do. Best wishes to you, Candy! Stay stylishly sweet! :)


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