Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Skin Care at 30 !!!

Well hello  my lovely ladies hope you had a great Monday,today I'm going to talk about something that has been unknown to me for a long time.Skin care !!! yes skin Skin I was blessed with good  skin not just good great skin . 
Until I hit 30 
now what is going on 30 years of great skin and its giving up on me. What is it that in age you start falling apart first its your skin then your bones then your done.Well not that extreme but you get it.I was using this type of "" peel on my face I have that to blame for this mess.After using various products to see what worked for me I think I found two perfect blends for my type of skin that is normal not to oily not to dry 
This aveeno product that I received with other great products from J&& company thanks to Latina Lifestyle Bloggers
and this Little bottle of hope also from J&J company have rescued my face to the awful 30's

So if you like me dealing with unknown acne don't worry we still have have our 40's to look forward to ekkkk use these two amazing creams they will have you feel 20 again, Well then again maybe lol. Hope you liked my post talk to you soon stay Fancy



Jessica said...

beautiful and flawless

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

I use that aveeno cream everyday. I love it.

Gaby Fauchon said...

You look gorgeous as always hun!

Unknown said...

Loving the blush in this pic, gorgeouous. honestly you make 30 look flawless!

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

You are 30? Couldn't tell. I experienced the same thing - adult acne after 30. It was very strange and annoying. Your face looks great though. Beautiful skin.
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John B. Marine said...

You are just as beautiful in your 30s as you were in your 20s. Both pictures of you are gorgeous, Candy. You boast a sweet smile and have lovely hair. Two nice outfits as well.


Unknown said...

You're skin looks exquisite! You're doing an amazing job taking care of your skin doll.

<3 Marina


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