Friday, November 16, 2012

Its all in the detail #ootd

Its all in the detail,why wear a regular outfit when you can make it awesome 

Simple pencil skirt can go a long way with the right accessories and pops of color  
like my mustard shoe that you can buy here

spiked belt well yes please !!! its teacher meets biker club lol buy it here  Here Fancy Steps

 Mint green bubble necklace,green had nothing to do with blue or mustard but it just worked  you can also purchase this necklace Mint necklace Here 

little statement pieces goes a long way so what are you waiting ... Keep it Fancy Ladies



John B. Marine said...

Sweet style and absolutely true. The minute details expressed with your outfit certainly help make this outfit stand out. Your style is certainly sweet, Candy. Those pumps are perhaps my favorite element of this outfit. The aviator sunglasses go very nicely with your sweet style and sweeter smile. Lovely post, lovely Candy! :)

lasophia said...

TEacher meets biker hahaha. You are funny. Those mustard shoes are hot! xoxo


Amy's Fashion Blog said...

such a great look candy

Ramona said...

You look so gorgeous. Love your shoes, so cute.

xoxo Ra

sepatuholig-Grace Njio said...

Love the heels& the belt! You look great!


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