Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hair problems ~~~Aveeno Review ~~~

Well hello ladies, today's post is about hair.I've gone threw so many hair situations of my own that its crazy. I went from pitch black to super blond now this didn't happen over night it took forever give and take a year .

 As you can see I've came a long way with my hair and the last picture is my recent one see how blond my hair is . Well all this came with damage but I found a perfect shampoo that has improved my hair so much !!! Aveeno not only is there skin care amazing but this shampoo and conditioner has gotten my hair the heathiest its ever been.  

   So if you like me that must be blond or messing with your hair do your hair a huge favor and get this must have Aveeno product !!!  let me know how you like it would love to know !!!

talk to you soon,


John B. Marine said...

Your hair could be almost any color. No matter what color it is, you still have lovely hair. No hairstyle can ever be lovely without protection. So I'm glad this has helped keep your hair strong and healthy. Candy, your hair is beautiful in all of your pictures; and I especially love the final picture (black and white polka dot top, red lips, chain necklace, etc.). You're gorgeous!

Gaby Fauchon said...

I don't use Aveeno products but you look stunning as a blonde, altough you can pull off any color!


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