Sunday, January 13, 2013

Let's be friends

Well hello buttercups hope you all had a great weekend, I had a amazing weekend my dear friend  Aggie from aggierxqueen  came from Az  this weekend and I got to spend some time with her.Here's some pictures there isn't  a bad moment with her. If you have followed my blog for a while you know that I meet Aggie threw blogging about 2 years ago and we have been inseparable since then.Are friendship is challenged because we do live in different states.But when you find a good friend the distance doesn't matter you make it happen. I hope to go to AZ next month since I will be a bridesmaid in her wedding just can't wait so many memories to come I just can't wait !!!  

 I took them to City walk next to Universal Studios,And it was freezing like no joke it was crazy cold we went to the bar and ordered coffee yup we live the wild life.

 Next day we went to the flower district in Los angeles for ideas on center pieces, we had a great time looking at the amazing flowers.

the bushing bride !!! ant the brides maid of the year haha

Then we went looking for brides things,we kept making a joke out of it,hey you have to have a good time and with this girl that's what we do.

then we had lunch at the very famous PORTOS that they loved it  yeeey

Bride and Groom !!!

Then We went to hollywood to see the stars and Aggie and ronnie loved it,I was so glad !!! but dude it was freezing !!!!

Had some dinner at the Roosevelt Hotel, I wish we could live closer that we could hang out all the time ,but it just makes are friendship even better because you experience things in the moment.

And yes we have Friendship rings you can never be to old or young for friendships because friends come into you life at anytime and when they do you have to appreciate and cherish every moment.

Aggie I'll miss you till we see each other again and it will be soon xoxox

Keep it Fancy ladies



Unknown said...

beautiful pictures ! love how you guys did your makeup !

Alexandra Marie

Jessica said...

Both of you look amazing. I love this post and I think it is so wonderful that the two of you go friendship rings.

Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

Unknown said...

Aw I looove love love this friend. Will have to steal some of these pics for my post. Oh yes great times as always thank you so much for all your time and help with the planning and being our host. Loved the cheesy veil moments and all love you.


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