Thursday, August 19, 2010

Coastal scents Sale !!!oh my !!!

Hello everyone hope you lovely ladies are having a great Thursday , I have a small coastal sense haul that I received yesterday . All brushes where on sale so I order some not all where interesting to me and allot where sold out so here are my picks .
any question please let me know 

I'll let you know how these work out thanks pretty girls 
 Here's all the brushes it was five total and they send me a cool sample
Br-408 Italian Badger Blush brush - love the handle of this brush

TBR- 230 Taklon Flat liner concealer - I really think Coastal scents should put there name on the brushes I'm just saying 

BR_231 precision detail Taklon black handle nothing on it great tip on the brush 
BR- 404 Taklon Liner and Brow Shader
 love the sharp angle on this brush great for eyebrows
BR- 221Precision Detail Taklon Bager Series great for Concealer
 Rose sparks sample super cool love samples

Hope you like my picks any question please let me know ,thanks !!!


Princess Feef said...

i love makeup brushes <3 they make me so happy =D said...

Great haul!
I want to try some things from CS

The Beauty Bargainista said...

I was so sad that I didnt get to buy any brushes during the sale! Maybe next time!! but you got some great ones, I love that brow brush!!!

Curves Ahead lifestyle blogger said...

Thank you ladies for your comments =)

Aranza said...

I bought some brushes a while back. I do like them but I made the mistake to buy the "Badger" line. I think the quality was great, but they smelled horrible. I attempted to rid the smell but failed, so they are now my daughters play brushes. I do want to try their new additions...other than that, I love Coastal Scents!


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