Monday, July 27, 2015

to diet

I just finished reading article about a women that lost 200 pounds and I think to myself how !!! Since I had my daughter I have failed I mean failed every time I TRY to diet. I don't know what it is ... all day I'm doing things park time, shopping, grocery shopping, cleaning ,washing clothes the list goes on and on and I just don't have the energy to eat healthily or in my case all protein. When I do start I get so tired  and its not worth it after a long day I just want to eat. Maybe food is my comfort ??? or maybe since I'm mom it doesn't mater any more.

I want to look good I want my back to stop hurting but I feel this pressure to get on a diet maybe because ALL my life I have been on a diet go to GYM all the time to not gain weight or keep my weight under control.

With every attempt and every fail I get more discourage to live the diet lifestyle.How do you make yourself work out any tips how I can get out of my no diet plan

talk to you soon


Monday, July 13, 2015

Be the light

Today as I walked to the park, I spoke to a science professor.That I had meet before, But today she walked all the way to the park and we talked threw the whole time I was there.This lady is very, very intelligent.But she's so humble in her own way, she doesn't see herself any better then anyone else but when she speaks you just want to listen. And she told me " you shine bright your happiness makes me happy,you have this glow that is undeniable" her words really made me think. This isn't the first time I hear about this glow that I walk around with.But its so nice to be reminded that you bring happiness to others just by your presences.

I'm happy I'm this person with this light  because the people around me will never have to be in the dark .

Love yourself shine your light


Sunday, July 12, 2015

Body shamming

As you know the internat all it talks about is body shamming fat shamming practically anything that people can shame they do it  its crazy. So yesturday I went to the beach and took a picture of myself with my daughter on the beach. And I didn't think I looked to bad so I posted on my Ig page. As soon as I did I regretted it. Not because I didn't like the picture but I was worried of negative comments ... Not only life is hard because you aways have to worry for what people think of you. But now we have to worry about what people are going to think about you online!!!!

All my life I have dieted all my life I have near been skinny all my life I've struggles with all women struggle with weight. But for the the first time in my life every since I had my daughter I've stopped worrying. I don't know if its because I'm a mom now or life is just so busy to even think about what your eating. But for almost 2 years I have felt 100% accepting of myself. Its pretty cool that you come to terms with who you are and this all comes with age of course and security in your own life.

So to all my young girl going threw this new age of fat shamming and to my own daughter I tell you just wait be patient life gets better I promise

till net time

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Friday, July 10, 2015

well well

I have tried to start many blogs, about moms about curves about all sorts of things.But I always come back to this one. I just can't let go of this little blog so I decided that I would be updating. hello blog world. How are you ? how have you been !!!

and the truth blogging has always filled my creative nature ,I invite you to come and get to know the new curves Ahead the mom the business owner and the stay home mom . Lots of shoes to fill here but I'm doing it all in style ((( wink wink ))) sometimes

Not  me in this picture but doesn't she just look super cool !!


Sunday, March 1, 2015

Its been a year

I had  been thinking about my blog lately and just going back to see it reminded me how much I missed it. Having a blog has always been scary for me ... My writing sucks and I know this.But I wanted to share all these amazing life changes I've gone threw.Or just talk to someone that say's hey I just went threw that.

Well Violet is 16 months to the day and she's the most special little girl

She loves to eat and sing and dance.Loves here Ama and ampa and jumps with joy every time her papa comes home from work.

As for me I'm completely out of my mind with shopping for her everyday if I can buy her something I do, even if its on online a new bow or she needs shoes. I've noticed the shopping never really ends when you have kids.

As for me personally well lets say... my fashion isn't much to talk about lately I'm really into jeans and cardigans right now and flats wow how things have changed. I do however style  my hair  and make up and all that good stuff ha ha ah

But since Violet is walking by the end of the day I look like a bus hit me ha ha ha

I just got Violets Instagram up and going that I also stopped posting for some reason I think I just wanted to enjoy Violet small there's so much competation on instagram and lets face it we all think our kids are just the cutest thing in this world so now that her outfits are so much better since she is standing and walking we are back on the instagram baby world.

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So join for the ride tell me what you would like to talk about I'm open for some mommy talk email me

Monday, September 15, 2014

Mom guide to look your best

its 106 right now and I can't wait for fall to one with cute scarfs and fall boots as a new mom we just want to be comfy since I have a crawing baby I'm all over from watching her from making sure she didn't put that eye shadow in her mouth its a job that never stops and need comfort. Yes its easy to reach for those yoga pans BUT DONT theres easy alternatives .

wear stylish tops with some jeans don't forget to do your hair that always works 

Maxi dresses are always good they make you look stylish with out doing much 

pink lipstick always brighten my day  

SO to all my mommy readers hope these tips help you I will have some more for you next post see you next time. 

what do you do to look put toghter as a mom would love to know 

this little cutie says HI !!!!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Let it Be saturday

Oh saturday's morning  your  my favorite. I get to have some free time my husband takes care of my little one and I go SHOPPING and not just SHOPPING home decoration shopping. I go  to my local yard sales and end up at HOME GOODS .And every saturday it doesn't disappoint It like a fashion decoration high it makes me happy and it inspires me to do so many things to my house.Every weekend I go with a budget from 100 to 20.00 . Oh saturday's morning thank you for giving me this little hobby its what I needed.Here's some finds I found so far tell me what you think

Yard sale find for 20.00
love my hollyowood chic inspired curtains pillow from home goods benches  Target table I repurposed bought off a online site  Michael's owl and decoration
Rug is from Target Jars and decoartion

I just love how my living room is coming out I always get complaimented of the decoartion

I bought the couches and have worked around the design which pulled the black and white feel of the room . When designing a space always get the bigger pieces first and the rest will follow TRUST ME

well I have lots more to show you but I will wait for another saturday  fun day



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