Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Do you fell tired ??? its time to wake up !!!

I have just the thing to refresh your face and your mood when you see how how great you look !!! I went to trader Joe's and saw some red  grapes and it reminded me of my get facial and how I wanted to share it with all of you !!! this facial exfoliates  and gives a tired dull face into a vibrant , awake look =) and awake is always good when you have to be at work !!!

Very easy steps 
-wash your face with cold water 
-towel dry 

Here's the products you need Flour, grapes, bowl, spoon !!
take 6-10 grapes and smash them with the spoon 

One table spoon of flour mix in with the grapes 
Smash the grapes with the flour mix it until you get a thick paste 
 then your ready to apply, I'll demonstrate on my model  (aka Husband )
then all over the face you don't need to put the hole grapes on your face but you can if you want. Its tasty too but don't eat it lolol
 please don't get in your eyes ..leave it on for 10-25 minutes rinse off and enjoy a new refresh you

Please let me know how you liked this facial !!! xoxoxo


Christine said...

i am going to try this out. Thanks for this awesome post :)

xo Christine


Aranza said...

Im going to try it. I have tried just flour before, but the grapes wouls be soooooooo antioxidant! plus, i have a feeling it will be hwlpful for oily skin =D Funny that i just came from the store and picked up a huge bag of red grapes lol!


Curves Ahead lifestyle blogger said...

Ladies your going to love it !! I just washed my face and it feels so smooth please let me know how it goes !!!

thanks for the comments =)

Princess Feef said...

thx for sharing ,, i love home made facials =)

Nikkay said...

Ohhh love your blog and im so going to try this, great post xxx

Gaby Fauchon said...

Hi! never heard about this facial before, but it definitely looks interesting! Thanks for sharing (=

Oh and I'm a new follower!


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