Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend outfit looks !!! watch for those curves ahead

I'm going to post weekend looks because its the only time I really can  do my  hair  my  make up and outfit !! everyday its 10 min out the door to get to work 30 min late so no good time to take pictures and my husband is my photographer so weekend is ideal for us  .Hope you guys  like my looks any question please let me know  !!!

OK So this look  I was going to breakfast I had black tights from H&M
and a H&m black skirt  that you can't really see in this picture .
a regular  sleeve less shirt blue and white striped H&M
with a white oversize cardigan  H&M
Juicy bag
Black booties
My necklace called the Popeye
Couch glasses 

  Second look I went to church and had some lunch,I felt over dress compared to everyone around here are in jeans and flip flops I was getting the weird looks hahah good thing I really enjoyed this outfit 

 Top is a shirt dress form Forever 21 
Skirt  H&M
Black spike pumps 
Juicy bags
amazingly no accessories


ViOoOlicious said...

I love these looks! I love the skirt! I need to go to H&M ahah I never been there.

Curves Ahead lifestyle blogger said...

thanks omg you should go they have great stuff !!! thanks for stopping by

Princess Feef said...

you look fabulous !
i love the heels in the 1st pic

and the yellow and black dress/skirt n shirt ,, so lovely

keep it up =)

Alisa said...

i love your looks soooooooo cute

Christine said...

love your outfits, looks really pretty on you :)

xoxo Christine

Beth. said...

Love your style, you look laarvly :)
- Beth x

M. said...

I love this outfit.Looks great on you!
Please do add me on your blogroll :

Jenn - Beauty Bloggings said...

You look so gorgeous, really like the dress in the bottom picture as well its so pretty! Love your blog, I'm following :)

Jenn xx

Curves Ahead lifestyle blogger said...

thank you laadies you guys truly inspire me thanks for all the sweet comments


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