Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mark Rep

Hello ladies happy Sunday hope every one has rested this weekend as for me I have some exciting news , I have been a make up artist for six years now and I've always been looking for a brand that I can recommend to my clients friends , blogger . And at last I found something that fit my needs to the fullest, its MARK Cosmetics , I've used there brand and absolutely love it !!! yesterday I went shopping on there wed page and noticed you can became a rep for them . They provide you with samples and E boutique and give you codes to provide for your clients , friends to get special deals ,it was like a dream come true. Not saying that the only brand of cosmetics I like in no way, but it is one of my favorites and for me to make accessible threw a E Boutique and promo codes I'm hooked .

SO here's my wed page for Mark , I will be doing reviews on the product as I use more and more and if you ladies like them you can purchase it right on my page !1 awesome right, also I think they give me samples for all my pretty ladies so if you would like samples before you buy just let me know . I'm new and I'm not to sassy with the hole thing but I'll learn as I go to provided you ladies with all the information you need =) I'm super excited about this
if you follow me on Face book you know that I have a fabulous find Friday that everyone loves and now having it so easy to purchase makes it even more sweeter . 

Well ladies any question please contact me !!! I'll be your Mark Rep how cool is that , hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and I'll talk to you all soon
Yours Truly , 
Curves Ahead 

SO here's one of my favorite lip glosses !!! from Mark for only 6 bucks you can't go wrong you can buy it here My Mark Store


ohyouprettythings said...

Welcome to the Mark Team!! :] You will love it!

Tracy D said...

Love MARK cosmetics, hey I just did a Friday's fabulous find post on my blog...I honestly had no idea you had something like that. I thought I was so original :( Anyways just letting you know so you didn't think I was poaching your idea without giving credit!

Gorgeous Glam said...

Cool! Looking forward to your reviews! xo


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