Thursday, March 17, 2011

Give away time !!! Naked Pallet Urban Decay

Hey ladies hope you all are doing well as for me I have some exciting news ,another giveaway !!!! and since the last naked pallet was so successful I decided to do another Naked Pallet giveaway !!! all you ladies where so kind to tell me happy birthday that I wanted to give back to my amazing followers and gift a naked pallet !!

so Here's the rules 

  • Must be a follower !!! 
  • giveaway starts today and ends April 14 ,2011 @ 0700pm pacific started time 
  • if you twitter the giveaway its a extra entry 
  • if you face book extra entry 
  • if you blog about 2 extra entry
  • if you become my Friend on face book or twitter another extra entry 
  • please write a comment to enter yourself , with your email address 
  • this giveaway is open to ship anywhere 
  • you will have 48 to respond once your picked if I don't hear from so sorry I would have to pick someone else !!! 
so that's it ladies best of luck and thank you all for entering you guys make my day !! everyday , talk to you all soon and welcome to new followers !!! 
Yours Truly , 
Curves Ahead !!!
Curves ahead Make Up giveaway ends April 16,2010


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Mariana Brito said...

Enter me :
Name and follower(GFC): Mariana Brito

Thanks :D


Unknown said...

Enter me please !

Name \ Follower : Joana Lima
Mail :

I Publish in my blog :

Thanks :)

EllysMakeupbag said...

Please enter me! My email is:

Dani*LaLa said...

Im your friend on facebook and I follow your blog =) (no twitter =/)

Danielle Larry

angel said...

enter me please..

Follow you via GFC as angel.


Shareena said...

Enter me please!

GFC follower: Shareena

Thank you for great giveaway!

Annie said...

enter me please!!!

*I am also putting this up on my side bar*

Thanks :)

dorottyazsofia said...

HI, I'm a follower as doroffee... and for a plus entry, I friend requested you on fb (as Dorottya Zsófia Bacsi).

Unknown said...

Enter me please!

Follower: The Caffeinated Spaz

Name: Candice

Thanks! :)

Unknown said...

Whoops - made a boo-boo. I'm Follower Candice Brown!



Anonymous said...

Enter me please.
I am a follower of your blog via GFC ( EllybellybaybeesBeautyBlog* )


Thank You <3

Sarah said...

Enter me, please and thank you!

arizai07 said...

enter me candy.. (

Akeisha Wright said...

Please enter me:

Name and follower(GFC) Akeisha Wright

Facebook: Akeisha Alajuwon

Blog: Inside the mind of Mrs Wright


Pepper said...

Enter me please!
GFC ID: Pepper
email: pepperflecks at ymail dot com

thanks a lot :)

yourstrulypam said...

YAY! UD Naked palette! :)

Enter me :)

20 YORK STREET said...

I really, really want to wear this babe!

Please enter me and tell me your twitter handle so I can tweet about it!

I'm at 20YS!



Join the Easiest Blog Project Ever at:

Twenty York Street

Twenty York Street

Ayu Muhamad said...

yay! another giveaway ^^

Enter me please
I'm already your blog follower as "Ayu~Emma"
I tweeted your giveaway:!/EmmaLvNeko/statuses/48626255188332544

( )

KrispyTinCan said...


I am A GFC follower as ktun
I am a twitter follower as KrispyTinCan
I sent you a friend request as Krispy Tin Can
I tweeted about this giveaway
I facebooked about this giveaway
I posted this giveaway on my blog sidebar

Thanks for this amazing giveaway.
My email is

sushibaby said...

Enter me please
Facebook follower: Paula Torres


Gondor Tari said...

Love the palette!!!

My follower name is gondor Tari and my mail is

My facebook name is Laura Sánchez Murillo.

This is the tweet:!/LauraSanMur/status/48637189403324416


Christina Marie said...

Very Kind of you! Please enter me :)

I follow your blog (Christina Marie Says..)

I've friended you on FB (Christina Marie Greenland)

I also follow you on Twitter (@Xtinag) and have tweeted (i'll tag you in the tweet).


Thanks! x

Azhezha said...

enter me please dear!
i really wanted to have Naked palette!
thanks for the giveaway ;D

-FB share:
-post on sidebar:
-add on FB: Sarah Azhezha
-follow on twitter: @azhezha
email: zhe_zha at yahoo dot com

makyajblogum said...

Great giveaway! Enter me Please :)
I'm a follower under the GFC name: makeupwithstyle

I'm also following you on twitter as makeupwithstyle (+1)


I really really hope I win this! :)

Unknown said...

Enter me please!

GFC follower: CynF

Laura said...

enter me!
facebook:Laura Gonzalez

Natasa said...


Anonymous said...

hi hun!

I follow your blog as laceandlipstick, I tweeted and follow you @laceandlipstick and I'm your friend on FB :) thanks chick! xxx

Blondie said...

Enter me please.

I follow you as Blondie.

My email is


evafr said...

Enter me please!
Name follower: evafr
Email: evafontansrilo(at)gmail(dot)com


Thera said...

Yay~ Naked palette ^^

Followed via GFC



Hadia said...

Hi Enter me please
Following u via GFC Hadia Salahuddin
ID: hadia_salahuddin[at]hotmail[dot]com

Unknown said...

Hey, enter me!!!
I am a follower though GFC...(Srish)
I want to follow you on twitter but could not find you there :((
though I tweeted about your giveaway :)!/StyleFashionEtc/status/48739443686916096

I added you as a friend on Facebook too...

Email id -

Thanx!! :))

Anicka Maya said...

Enter me please!!
Name and follower(GFC): anna


dreamer said...

gfc: quinieleong


Unknown said...

I follow your blog and I added you on facebook as well.
My email:

Beth. said...

Enter me please :)
I've followed you on twitter and tweeted @beautymarked24

Anonymous said...

Great! Enter me please! :)
Already follow via GFC as Monik.

Tweet about this giveaway here.
Blog about this giveaway here.
Follow you on Twitter as @monikaretnani.

Georgina said...

Enter me please :) xx

Rita Malheiro said...

Enter me please :)
I want the naked pallet so bad!!!

I publish in my facebook:

I posted about your giveaway in the sidebar of my blog

I'm your friend on facebook with the name Érre Blogs and on twitter with the name Conhoca

juicy, said...

Enter me please!
Name GFC: juicy,

Stephanie C. said...

Wow, thank you so much! I follow via GFC: Steph. My email is:

Natalia said...

Enter me please! :)
I'm a follower: Nowhere Follies.
I posted it in my blog:
My e-mail:

Amber said...

fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

what a brilliant giveaway!!!

Enter me please!!!
I'm a follower under the name: Julie
I have blogged about your giveaway here:

My email address is:

Thanks!! :)

Gossip Culture said...

I would like to participate.

Follower (GFC): GossipCulture
Friend on Twitter: @NGossipCulture
Friend on Facebook: NewGossipCulture
I Publish this giveaway on my Twitter and Facebook.


Thank you.

Kim L. said...

following you via gfc

kimberly.long at gmail dot com


C r i s s said...

Hi!! I've just sent you a friendship petition on fb, followed you on twitter, tweet about the giveaway an finally i'm gonna blog an talk about it on my fb!!

So... could you enter me on the giveaway? Thank you!: )

My mail is and i'm following you on twitter as kiwiiimiwiiii

A said...

Enter me please!
GFC nick: andrea .

I publish your giveaway on the sidebar of my blog:

Unknown said...

Hi there! I'm entered!

Name: Genevieve Dos Santos

I follow you on FB and Twitter
I posted on FB and Twitter
I follow your blog


I follow your blog
Sherry Blossom

I follow you on Twitter

I follow you on facebook
Sherry Blossom Beauty

I tweeted about your giveaway!

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

Enter Me

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

I follow you on twitter

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

I'm your friend on facebook.

monroe silva said...

enter me candy ( thx for the giveaway

monroe silva said...

enter me candy (

AnNeTtEe said...

please enter me...

already a follower...
blog link:
FB name: Annette Punnette
email address: zxythang[at]yahoo[dot]com

thanks for this awesome giveaway!

Kat said...

Ohyeyyy! I do not have the naked palette yet sooo yey, crossing my fingers i get lucky!

katch05 at gmail dot com

nicolthepickle (Nicole Graham) said...

Enter me pretty please, and thank you.
I follow as nicolthepickle.
I follow on twitter as nicolthepickle.
I sent a friend request on facebook as Nicoline G.

liz said...

Yay ! I am so excited with this giveaway. I would like to participate in it.
Anw i am totally follower through Google Friend Connect name liz.
Here I spread words about your giveaway in my blog :
I spread words about giveaway in twitter here!/dokidokico/status/49118979712749568
I follow you on twitter bird name dokidokico :)
I already friend of you in FB name doki doki co :)

Much Thankies for the chance dear
Good luck for me and everyone :)


Ana said...

thank you!

my name is Ana Rios as a follower,and email is

Ana said...

i have facebook ( ed) this through my FB account of the blog ConsultImagem Moda E Beleza.

Ana said...

im a FB friend of yours

Cause We Are Diva's said...



Erykah~C said...

enter me please..

Follow you via GFC as thtgurl.


AYL said...

enter me please! I follow via GFC as AYL. audreyliangy[at]gmail[dot]com

casey aimee said...

Enter me please!

email: c. kawiecki at yahoo .com
GFC: casey aimee

kmcwil01 said...

Haha I already left ya the facebook comment! so here's my blog comment, and I also follow on your twitter (kmcwil01) and email is

ana s. said...

Enter me :)

Follower: ana s.

I blog about the giveaway:

I follow you on Twitter:

I add you on Facebook:


thian said...

GFC name: Thian

Facebook name: Shin Thian

Twitter name: ShinThian!/shin_thian/status/49371565384675328

Alexa1202 said...


I am a follower via GFC (Alexa1202) and my email is alexa12_02[at]yahoo[dot]com.

I would love to enter your giveaway.
I blogged about the giveaway here:
I sent you a friend request on FB as Alexandra Schnaider.
I follow on twitter as Alexa1202.

Espiral said...

gfc: Espiral

facebook: sonia filipa rito teixeira


Misshiva said...

Name: ana
Follower: Misshiva

Publish on my blog:

MaryM said...

Enter me!

GFC: MaryM

-I'm following on Twitter as Makeupthings_
-Twitted about it:!/MakeupThings_

-Added you as a friend on Facebook: Mary Make
-Posted on facebook here:

And blogged about it here:

Thank you! xoxo

Unknown said...

Enter me please !

Name \ Follower : Catarina Nunes / Vesânias Salutares
Mail :

Mariia said...

Enter me.
Name: Maria Ribeiro

Post on my blog:

Love : )

Gorgeous Glam said...

Awesome! Please enter me! I'm a follower: gorgeousglam

thanks! xo

Unknown said...

Uau! Such an awesome giveaway! Enter me, please!
I follow your blog via GFC as мαяѕy'ѕ ηαιℓѕ ♔ (My name: Marsídia Melo).
And my e-mail address is: marcidiamelo(at)hotmail[dot]com
And my blog is:
Huge kisses!
Good luck everyone!

Laura said...

enter me, please.
name and follower: Laura Amaral

thank you :)

ShreddingIt said...

enter me girly!!
subby of blog
facebook friends
twitter follower

Sheni said...

Please count me in!
Name/ follower- Sheni


Thank you

Sandrinha said...

Enter me please!

Name: Sandra Gonçalves
Follower: Sandrinha

I publish in my blog:

I shared in Facebook:

I became friend on facebook.



Pistaxa said...


Name: Joana Pinto
Follower: Pistaxa


Vanessa Mariana said...

Hi! Name: Vanessa Lopes
Follower name: Vanessa Mariana

Melminho said...

Enter me!

Unknown said...

Hi Girly,
so I been meaning to blog and facebook about this giveaway so make sure you check both my blogspot and FB bcs I'll be posting about it.

Anyway of course enter me:

nit said...

Enter me: gfc nit. Email: Thanks for this giveaway. :) said...

I'm a follower (Becky)
I follow you on Twitter (Beckycd91)

Anonymous said...

Enter Meh! :)
Name and follower:(GFC): Deanna

I put your giveaway on my blog here:

I added you on facebook and Already following you on Twitter.

tweeted your giveaway here:!/PorclainRabbit/status/50677552838230016

Cindy said...

Thank you for offering such a generous giveaway. I follow you via GFC.


Cindy said...



Cindy said...

I sent you a friend request on FB.


Maria Manea said...

Enter me please!
Facebook:Maria Rodica Manea
i posted about the giveaway:

Pensule Sigma said...

I follow u as Oanna.
I tweeted it @PensuleSigma.
I facebooked it!/search.php?q=Curves%20Ahead&init=quick&tas=0.4420448107310807 (my name in FB Sigma pensule profesionale machiaj).
I am following you on Twitter.
I blogged about it on
I hope i got 6 chances. My email is Thanks

morphine said...

Facebookfriend: KKinga Kinga

sweet lory said...


i follow you via gfc as sweet lory

i follow on twitter as @sweety_blue and i tweet about this nice giveaway!/sweety_blue/status/50867569736957952

friend on facebook (lory loredana)
my e-mail:


reindeer said...

I sent you a request on FB

I added you on twitter and retweet about this giveaway.

GFC - foxy

FACEBOOK : Irina Hugeanu
I posted on my BLOG :

I posted on facebook about this :


Anonymous said...

Enter me, please!
Name&follower GFC: onlykiddo
I twitted about your giveaway[I follow you on twitter- olnykiddo].
I also posted on facebook about your giveaway - onlykiddo diane.
I posted on my blog about your giveaway:
Have a nice day!

Darkflayer said...

Enter me please!

I'm a Gfc Darkflayer

i follow you on tweet with name:LightooM

I @tag you in me twitter status telling my friends about your blog:

I post your giveaway here:
I send you a friend resque on your facebook page with name: Issabell Vircan

thank you

Matzzza`s profile said...

My name is Adelina,but i follow you with Matzzza`s profile [GFC]

Alex. said...

enter me, please! :)
i follow you - via GFC: Alexandra Stefan
- via twitter: @julietalexy
i've friend requested you on facebook: Alexandra Stefan
my email:

Inês Rochinha said...

Enter Me!
Name: Inês Rochinha
Follower: mymakeupsecret

Camelia Andrasescu said...

enter me ,please!
I follow you via GFC (Camelia Andrasescu)
I follow you on twitter (@cameliaadriana)
I tweeted here :!/cameliaadriana/status/51070611535040512
I added you as friend on FB (Adriana Camelia Andrasescu-Scrieciu)
I posted your giveaway on my FB wall :
Email :
Thank you.

Bela Gerhard said...

Enter me please \o/ and congrats on bithday, hun ;)

Isabela Gerhard
GFC Bela Gerhard
twitter @bela_gerhard
bela.gerhard at gmail dot com

siera said...

Enter me: follow via GFC as siera
email is

HuHaHa said...

*gfc follower as shadab
*face book request sent as shadab tahir
*shared on face book
*email-shadab_muslim at yahoo dot co dot in

Mihaela Pojogu said...

enter me please dear!
i really wanted to have Naked palette!

GFC: miha.ela
mihaela.mihordea(@) gmail(.) com

Diana Filipaaa said...

Enter me :
Follower: diana.

Sadi said...


Enter me please! :)

New follower via GFC as Sadi.

Tweet about this giveaway here :

Follow you on Twitter as sad20ful

Anonymous said...

Enter me, please!
Follower name: maddailade.
madda_ilade at yahoo dot com

Jess Heath MUFX said...

I'd love to enter, I follow you with GFC.

Cláudia said...

Enter me please !

Name Follower : Cláudia Mendonça
Mail :

I Publish in my blog :

I publish in my twitter here:!/Clau_Choices/status/51999900057088000

I publish in my facebook here:!/profile.php?id=100001291788208

Thanks,Kisses ****

Hershley's Sweet Kiss said...

PLEASE enter me! I am following your blog and My Name is Hershley's Sweet Kiss! My Email address is: hoge06 at yahoo dot com

I added your giveaway to my sidebar at :

ella said...

GFC ella.ella1989


facebook name: ary ella

The Makeup Pixie said...

Please enter me into your Naked Palette giveaway!

Name and Follower via GFC: The Makeup Pixie.

my email is ;

mi... said...

Enter me please :D
follower: mi...

Unknown said...

Extra Entry:

Gfc: CynF

Twitted here:!/CynSFS/status/52381834830561280

Life of a girl called hawaiianpunchelsea said...

Enter me:)
twittername for post:chelskev

Damla said...

I follow your blog. Thanks!


Shared on facebook:


Added you on facebook:

annabell_lee_dk (at)

throuthehaze said...

Enter me please :)

I follow via GFC (Throuthehaze)

Facebook friend-Rae Pavey

throuthehaze at gmail dot com

maresias mar said...
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YulyaShenka said...

Count me in!

Follow you via
GFC: Yuliya Sh
FB: sent friendship request Yuliya Sh

posted on FB:


e-mail: juletchka78 at hotmail dot com

Chiara said...

Enter me please!
GFC follower: chiara marras
friend on facebook: emmebeauty channel (I've shared the link of the giveaway).
Thank you

Leila said...

Enter Me:
Name: Leila
thanks :D

twannywun said...

follow with gfc as karen scammell

twannywun at hotmail dot com

ash said...

hey,enter me please:D
i follow:Ash

WCA Yash Travel said...

enter me please

gfc follower

+2 blog post -

+1 tweet -!/gustosagiveaway/status/53183552786939904

+1 gustosa giveaways - fb follower

gustosagiveaways atymaildotcom

Erica J said...

i put in work for the naked palette!! were are now friends in the fb and twitter world, and i made sure to tweet about your give-a-way. fellow mark. rep if that counts for an extra entry!! lol hope i win

rebecca said...

GFC: rebecca

Kathlynn said...

hi, am a GFC follower (kathlynn)& hav blogged bout ur giveaway here

email add is!

so wanna win this! :)


Anonymous said...

GFC:Ivana N.

Dovile said...

Hi, I'm following you on GFC as Dovile. Please enter me too!

spamscape [at] gmail [dot] com

igea said...

Blog follower via FGC as:igea

igea said...

I tweeted:!/wolfsrain777/status/53533766303498240

igea said...

I share on my facebook wall:!/permalink.php?story_fbid=103625886389389&id=100002017117914

igea said...

HI, I'm a twitter follower as:@wolfsrain777... and for a plus entry, I friend requested you on fb as:antonella mazzariol

Anonymous said...

Enter mee!!!

emily said...

Enter me
Follower: Emily Stam


PM said...

Eneter me please :)

I followed your blog :) username lonesyndrome


aparajita said...

Enter me please

Name: Aparajita Chattopadhyay
Email id:
I am a twitter follower as appie_13
I tweeted about ur giveaway
Sent you a friend request on FB


nit said...

enter me!
name: nitzia montoya
my gfc name: nit
i follow you on twitter: nit02
i twitter your giveaway and i send u a request on fb!

thanks! :D

Saretta said...

Hi! I'm a GFC follower!

Saretta said...

Hi! I tweeted this giveaway:!/sarettagd/status/54471393974300673

Francisca said...

Follower: Quica

Twitter Follower: QuicaCaramela



Thank you!

Unknown said...

Wow, so many entries! I would love to be entered please! I follow on GFC as Elaine A with the email

I follow on twitter as @TOBeautyReviews

Mae Lu said...

--Following in GFC: Maeko

+1: Posted on Facebook: Mae M*gsal!n L*zod (name kind of coded for search engine disguise) LINK:

+1 - Tweeted at Twitter (@maeluu): LINK:

+2 - Added to my blog side bar: URL: (right side, under giveaways)

Total entries: 5 (4 extra points)

Thank you for hosting, I've been looking everywhere for this!

Contact me: maeko_ish {at} Yahoo {doooot} com

409cope said...

I follow through google friend.
-I tweeted-
-I follow on twitter as 409cope.cardshark42(at)hotmail(dot)com

SweetShenanigans said...

GFC follower!
twitter follower @Alliegal101
girl23rocks at hotmail dot com

Tara @ Haute Lunch said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

I follow as Tara Jobe.

Also friended you on Facebook- Tara Jobe & on Twitter as @haute_lunch!

t.jobe at

LobaMalvada said...

Enter me!

GFC follower: Kel

unika said...

Enter me please : )
Name and follower(GFC): unika

Thanks :D


sandra said...

Email address:
Facebook: Sandra Ferreira
GFC: Sandra Ferreira
YouTube channel: Scdf86
Link to blogposts:

Mona said...

Hello !
I'm a follower of yours (GFC) with the name Mona Luiza and my email is :
Kisses :*

Just Brandi said...

GREAT giveaway! I've been searching for this palette forever!
I'm a new follower!

Just Brandi said...

I FB'd about it!

LobaMalvada said...

Editing sidebar post ;)

GFC Name: Kel
Email: kel_mn@
Blog sidebar post:


Michelle Frame said...

twitter follower- @mframe00

20 YORK STREET said...

158 comments? OH MY! Do I even have a chance of winning??

I've been tracking this for soo long! Please pick me!



It's OUT!
Come and join The Pajama Project!
Twenty York Street

Twenty York Street

20 YORK STREET said...

I'm a follower, well, fan!


It's OUT!
Come and join The Pajama Project!
Twenty York Street

Twenty York Street

20 YORK STREET said...

What else can I do to win this? I have tweeted and retweeted, I will post this at FB now!

Please pick me!


It's OUT!
Come and join The Pajama Project!
Twenty York Street

Twenty York Street

Yry said...

My name is Irina Ulesan from Bucharest, Romania, and I follow u on GFC with id Yry, I added u as friend on facebook coz i don't have twitter and i post on my wall about your giveaway on here - - my e-mail is and I hope I win your Pallet coz i like it so much.
Have a great day,

Arisa Lee said...

This is cool! April 14th is my birthdate! Enter me please!

- GFC Username: Arisa Lee
- Followed you on Twitter as arisaayanami
- Tweeted here
- Blogged here


Numera said...

Follower: Numera
blogged it:



Kla505 said...

I'd love to participate! :)
GFC: kla505
I followed on twitter as kla505
I tweeted here!/kla505/status/56372788650455040

Lo' said...

Please enter me !! :D

GFC : Lorraine or Lo'

I share your giveaway on twitter and in my blog ( it is my new blog so it's my first post :) )

Twitter name : Losink12
Blog :

Thank you :)

Lo' said...

oh sorry I forgot to tell my email :S

It's :

thank you

Mariana Lopes said...

Hello! :)

My name is Mariana. My email is

I followed you on twitter, my username is MaryLopes. I also tweeted about this giveaway:!/MaryLopes/status/56478643756601344

Thank you :)

evrywoman said...


I am a new GFC follower Danyell Evrywoman F

Thank you,
evrywoman at yahoo dot com

evrywoman said...

Follower on Twitter @evrywoman
evrywoman at yahoo dot com

evrywoman said...

Facebook Friend/Fan Danyell G. Facebook User/Evrywoman

evrywoman at yahoo dot com

evrywoman said...

I retweeted @evrywoman

can val
Curves Ahead Make Up: Give away time !!! Naked Pallet Urban Decay…
2 Apr via Tweet Button Favorite Undo Retweet Reply
Retweeted by evrywoman

evrywoman said...

Please ENTER ME I have tried to find this every where, it keeps selling out
Thank you,
evrywoman at yahoo dot com

evrywoman said...


evrywoman at yahoo dot com


evrywoman said...


evrywoman at yahoo dot com

Jasmine1485 said...

Enter me please! :) I'm following via GFC as Jasmine1485

I also tweeted about it here:

I shared it on Facebook:

I'm following you on Twitter (@NTFancy)

I added you on Facebook (Kate Ryan)

kate1485 at

joana said...

enter me!

name: joana
your give away here:

tearyeyedstars said...

Enter me please (:
im a gfc follower (tearyeyedstars)
ejhtan at gmail dot com

tearyeyedstars said...

ejhtan at gmail dot com

tearyeyedstars said...

posted on fb :
ejhtan at gmail dot com

tearyeyedstars said...

1 blogged:
ejhtan at gmail dot com

tearyeyedstars said...

2 blogged:
ejhtan at gmail dot com

tearyeyedstars said...

Added you as a friend on fb (Et TheAlien)
ejhtan at gmail dot com

Mad@ said...

GFC nume: Mad@
Twitter follower: mada3187
Facebook friend: Madalina Alexandra Vicol
Tweet here:!/mada3187/status/57058923257151488
Facebook here:
Write a post on my blog here:

My email is:
Thank you! :*

rosamorangos said...

Enter me,
I`m follower Rosamorangos


Cynthia.Richardson said...

I am a follower - Cynthia Richardson
Please enter me

Cynthia.Richardson said...

Tweeted giveaway

Cynthia.Richardson said...

Shared giveaway on Facebook

Cynthia.Richardson said...

I follow you on twitter @hofken

Cynthia.Richardson said...

I Like you on Facebook - Cynthia M Richardson

CurvylishDelish said...

Hi hunny bunny I gave you a blogger award! just go to my blog ( to claim it!

love, Shelly :)

P.S please enter me in your giveaway! <3

Kla505 said...

Amazing giveaway!
Enter me please :)
I follow via GFC as kla505

I follow you on twitter as kla505

I tweeted here!/kla505/status/57424661797027840


Elenita said...

enter me !
GFC: Elenita



Anonymous said...

enter me in the contest please!
i have followed you on this blog: sarah

and here is the link to where i blogged about your giveaway:

thank you so much!

Piikky said...

Name/Follower: Piikky

Maribel F. said...

Hi! Lovely giveaway!
Nick GFC: Maribel F.
- I'm your friend on facebook (Maribel Fuentes) and twitter (makeupmb)
- I twitted!/makeupmb/status/57745165485473793
Thank you! xoxo

Sherry86 said...

Please Enter Me!

GFC: Sherry86
Follow you on Twitter: @Fairywitch86
Tweeted here:!/FairyWitch86/status/57767434253385728
Email: fairywitch86[at]

Thanks sooo Much for this! Finger crossed!

Francisca Ribeiro said...

Enter me :)

Name and GFC: Francisca Ribeiro
Posted on blog:
I send a friend request on Facebook: Francisca Ribeiro

cominhos said...

Enter me!



azn-soul said...

I followed your blog via GFC! (azn-soul)

I followed you on Twitter (@AlyianaChu)

I tweeted about this giveaway!!/AlyianaChu/status/57944153010606081

I blogged about this giveaway!

Lu Gaspar said...

Enter me please!
I'm a follower via GFC: Lu
I'm following you on twitter as @Lucianittaa
I tweeted:!/Lucianittaa/status/57970631320403968

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