Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A little shopping

Hey ladies !!! so how do you like my posting I stepped up my game big time I think I've posted almost everyday and had great response from you ladies !!!

I have a haul to share with you ladies I bought some clothes on forever 21 and let me tell you I've gotten a bit obsess  with this on line store . Since my other two orders I just feel like you get a better deal on line I swear I bought 65 worth of clothes and got much more then I would have in the store and plus the store can be a bit overwhelming   . Well take a look would like to  see what you think of my picks .
So there it is ladies

Purple and orange v neck 5.75 each
Skinny jean 16.00 gray
turquoise racer back shirt 7.50
Black short tights 5.75
Red maxi dress 12.00
scarf 10.00
Accessories forever 21
face mask forever 21 1.80

That's it ladies thanks so much form stopping by , like always you ladies are my inspiration when I shop talk to you all soon , take care

Yours Truly , 
Curves Ahead


Savannah said...

Great haul! Love the v-necks!


Amy's Fashion Blog said...

I never knew forever 21 sold face mask. Also love the mint green shirt.

Unknown said...

Gosh that's a steal for them skinny jeans and the fit you so well. I don't shop online too often, I need to finally give in and give it a try.

Is that a mustache ring??? Too cute!

Dani*LaLa said...

I so agree with you going in their store is so overwhelming its like where do I start. But I have also noticed that too where you can get more bang for your buck online then you can in the store.

Unknown said...

Nice Haul! I love f21 also!They have fantastic stuff online.

Gaby Fauchon said...

I need some new jeans too!

Shareena said...

love the top! I love V neck top..
Darn.. now I've seen your jeans.. i think i need to buy a new one.. I have a hole on my jean and it is up on my ass those holes..haha... i am abusing my jeans..^_^

Camille said...

Love the pants and the mustache ring!! Awesome!

Blanca1018♥ said...

Great haul!
Im soo with u on the whole online shopping :) the only thing us the sizes (sometimes) and I hate paying shipping ... But that's just me...

sugar sugar said...

love it!! great haul! ^__^ the accessories are so pretty and the v-necks look so comfy. :)

Anonymous said...

nice!! I like to shop online too because sizes are sooooo much easier to find!

Shareena said...

Hi again!! ^_^

I just want to pass Kreativ Blogger Award to you... you deserve it!
You can pick it up at :

Keep posting cute stuff k?

Gorgeous Glam said...

Love all colorful shirts! Great haul! I know I love the online store! xo

Alexis the Honey B said...

OMG is that a mustache ring?! I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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