Saturday, May 14, 2011

Toasty Mystic Tan

Hey ladies happy Saturday hope you guys are enjoying your weekend =) today I want to talk to you about Mystic tanning that I got on Thursday night !!! When summer comes around my legs are so freaking white I hate it I'm a Hispanic women and normally I'm tan all year around but uneven tanned . My legs are dreadful and no matter what I do they don't tan . So a easy solution then baking in the sun is a mystic tan !!!

So what is is Mytic tan ... 
  • Very fast head to toe application.
  • UV -Free - safe for your skin
So that sounds great so here's a step by step on how it goes

1.When you first get to the tanning salon, they will have you watch a short video explaining the Mystic Tan process
2."barrier cream" on your fingernails and between your fingers , the Barrier cream will protect your fingers and hands
3.Most definitely do not want the spray in your hair so make sure to remember the shower cap that the salon provides. will want to get in a relaxed and prepared state.spray can be quite a shocker if its your first time =)
5.When you're ready, you activate the booth by pushing a green button.And off you go
6.Starting in the front, the mist is applied for about 15 seconds on each side of you with a pause to warn you to turn around
7.When finished, you dry off starting at your feet and working up.Lightly just the mist don't give yourself a good dry off
8.make sure not to shower for at least 5 hours so the tan can set in smells kinda weird and you feel dirty but I say do at night that way you go to sleep right after and sleep it off .


 the perfect solution if you need a break from UV exposure or must stay out of the sun.or having a special occasion . I loved it and will keep on doing it I've never tried the UV beds so maybe I'll give them a try =)
I wanted to share this with you guys just in case you where wondering on going for a mystic tan . Hope you enjoyed this review here's some before and after pictures 

with tan
with out tan
tan legs love

no tan hate

thanks for stopping by ladies , till next time 

Yours Truly, 


Erica said...

Your tan looks great! Very natural. I have to try that.

Camille said...

DON'T UV TAN!!! You look great with the mystic tan, tanning will give you wrinkles!! You have beautiful skin don't ruin it!

Ayu Muhamad said...

You look gr8 with tan~ ^^

KayKay said...

i gota say i like this kind of tan on you. i feel some people overdo it and look orange but this is nice and safer than a tanning bed. =) you look gorgeous

Shareena said...

Thats look great!! I hate when i look untan too! damn winter..wash away my tan..

PubliclyMika said...

I love it!! I've always wanted to try this out, you have inspired me to go ahead and do just that. Great Post.

PubliclyMika said...

I love it!! I've always wanted to try this out, you have inspired me to go ahead and do just that. Great Post.

Alexis the Honey B said...

Love those Steve Madden wedges! The tan look awesome! Natural and bronzey!

Gaby Fauchon said...

Your tan looks perfect and very natural, but going to a salon to tan must be quite pricey?

Unknown said...

cute pics!!!!

xoxo from rome

Unknown said...

Wow I am so glad you tried it and went for it. I love the light tan vecasue its gives such a glow that you dont need much makeup or blush ive been using just a bit of foundation and some light bronzer on my cheekbones and looks great. I love this on you looks very natural on you perfect color.

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

You look great.

Unknown said...

YAY..I so totally need this information been thinking about trying it out..thx girl.

Come visit my blog I have a surprise for you.


Just Brandi said...

LOVE mystic tan! And so much better than tanning beds!

PS- I love those nude wedges and have been looking for some exactly like that for months... where did you get them!???

Bronzed Humanity said...

Pretty! It left a nice glow on you!

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