Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Here it is

Hey sweet things how are we doing this Wednesday afternoon I've never looked forward to this weekend as much as now omg work has been kicking my butt leg arms everything lol so here's some look for my 30 by 30
outfit #10

this week I'm not in my sales field so I'm not dressing so professional so its making my 30 by 30 a challenge 
I belted this tunic and paired it with some skinny jeans
After a long day I still mange to have my make up done =)

and this was yesturday yeah wasn't really felling my outfit =( at all
outfit #9
and I was exhausted I was wearing my bring 70 back flare jeans and my ol white shirt paired it with a scarf and some platforms this is my least favorite and plus it the 1st day of summer so  was so hottttt

that's it ladies hope you enjoy your afternoon thanks for stopping by

Truly ,


Barbra said...

You always have the best outfits, tired or not! hehe

Unknown said...

I am so loving outfit 10....those shoes look hot, and that tunic is so pretty. I love it!!! You look gorgeous chica. :)

Lillus said...

My totally favourite era was the 80's. Of course, I was born in '89 but I am totally into the huge crazy hairs, neon colors ( in makeup and accessories) and crazy stuffs, like belt, sneakers , leggings and earrings and the music was awsome, too.

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

Love day ten. We both had the same look for day 9. Plain Tee shirt, jeans and a scarf.

Shareena said...

you look gorgeous even if you don't feel the clothes.^_^

Amber said...

cute blouse, love the way you belted it.

ambrosia said...

luv the shoes in the first outfit! But then again, I am a shoe whore :)

KayKay said...

love how u put the belt. both looks are great

Mimi said...

love them! you're looking good! and how fun is that colorful top?! :D

<3, Mimi

Unknown said...

Loving your outfits..You're doing amazing on this challenge doll can't wait to see the rest of them.

<3 Marina

Tracy D said...

I am loving this series...girl knows how to throw together an outfit :)


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