Tuesday, June 14, 2011

So this is what I'm going to wear (30 by 30 )

So here's my clothes I decided to put pictures of me already with them on mmm maybe looks ok well see, so I decided t name my clothes just seems so much more entertaining ajajaj


1. I'm bringing 70's back flare jeans

2. grey bloom slacks
3. the hip hiders black slacks

4. are you sure these are skinny jeans 

5. my butt looks good jeans  6. like a virgin top 

7.the old white shirt
8. de blazer 

9. stay in the lines dress

10. I'm too short skirt 

11. lets get this started dress 

12. peach melon shirt

13. orange juice  sweater 

14. your zippers down top

15. get it girl black skirt

16. Purple isn't my color t shirt 

17. I feel pretty blazer in coral 

18. the Sargent vest 

19. blue lagoon shirt 

20.the go to black dress

21. lets make it flashy orange top

22. hey legs Romper 

23. studded blue top 

24. blak zero top

25. the closer black business shirt

26. the Jerseylious  skirt

27. oh no you didn't wear shorts ( sorry iphone pictures)

28. The I never wore shirt
29. pink H&M dress
30. Colorful blouse H&M watercolor

ok the last two is a pink H&M dress and a blouse I'll take picture of them on then finish it off omg !!!! this took forever I need a nap now I have a head  ache
hahahah wish me look on my 30 by 30 ohhhhhhhh

 before I forget I did change it a bit as you can see there's no shoes I couldn't do the shoes its too much if you guys follow me you know how I am with my shoes !!!

Yours Truly , 


A Polished Touch said...

You look so 'put together'! You are beautiful.

Jackee said...

You are too cute girl! Love all your outfits. You should be my stylist! I get lazy and end up wearing the same stuff all the time!

Erica said...

All great choices, funny titles! I love that pic of you with the lighter hair!! And I just noticed you have tattoos...cool. What are they? I don't have any myself but I sometimes buy the temporary ones :)

Unknown said...

I love the names of your outfits!!! You know I'm a big fan of your style. It's difficult to pick my favorite one!

Anonymous said...

Damn girl! You rocked all those outfits. Good luck!

roberto syrious said...

love all the shoes you put in this post!
follow each other? :)
sweet italian kisses

Syriously in Fashion

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

Good Luck. I love how you did the run down of your 30 items. There is another blog who leave shoe out to. I don't b/c I wear the same shoe every week for the most part.


Bronzed Humanity said...

Wow your a brave soul! Good luck, looking forward to following!

Hot Pink Day
Shop Blue Vanilla

Amber said...

great picks. I bet you will have no problems at all with this challenge

Alexis the Honey B said...

you have such cute taste! i love every single look of yours!!!

Ramona said...

Wow! You have so amazing wardrobe!! You know so well how to styled up your look for a stunning look!

xoxo Ra

Anonymous said...

Love the blue striped skirt! I have one just like it Love your blog follow mine and I'll return the favor! beautybarbie16.blogspot.com


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