Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dress to Impress challenge ( Belts )

I've seen so many challenges out there I thought to myself I have to jump on this band wagon and start one asap so I did I thought of a amazing challenge that suits all women !! what do all women want ???? ...( no not chocolate)... look thinner we all want to look thinner or feel better about ourselves  or put on that outfit that just make you feel like a million bucks   ..right!!!!

and instead of killing ourselves in the gym or not eating that cookie let's make our clothes do the job it owes us that hahah . 

So ladies lets love ourselves in whatever size we are , lets love are clothes and walk with confidence 

this challenge will change biweekly every two weeks there will be a new item to wear that we we Can all share are experiences and suggest what you think should be the next item that will in enhance any women's look 

First subject will be the trusty old Belt , yes ladies these little bad boys do miracles you want to look great for that date stitch it up girl. flatter the most sexy part of your body the waist !! belt a sweater, belt a dress, belt some jeans , shorts anything your going to look great 
"Dress to impress"
Enter here  
wear a wild belt 
or a pop of color belt 
wear it with a blazer
wear with a simple top
possibilities are endless 
Whatever way it works for you wear a belt complete your outfit for the next two weeks and challenge  yourself  to look great

If you are participating in this challenge just write me a comment down below with your name and your blogger's  name I'll make a little group for us to talk about are experiences and what should be our next go to . Really hope you guys join me as we make this happen

Start date 07/25 and the challenge isn't to wear a belt everyday but try to incorporate a belt as much as you can there's no rules !!! Let me know when you wearied a belt and made your outfit look  amazing . At the end of the two weeks I 'll post pictures of your belted outfits !!!( don't forget to mention the challenge on your post)

talk to you soon

ps . don't forget to link up here !!


Amy's Fashion Blog said...

What a great idea

Blanca1018♥ said...

This post is amazing!


Jessica said...

I love the belts. I did a post on belts recently. Just wanted to let you know that we awarded you two blog awards today!

Unknown said...

Omg what a great idea gilr! Oh I am just worried I may not have enough belts to make them look different but I will def try it Im in!

Ramona said...

Lets love us as we are! What a great idea!

xoxo Ra

Christine said...

What a fun idea hunnie, I dont own many belts but I would love to try :)

Love Christine ♥


I Love that dress & the green belt. So pretty.

Gorgeous Glam said...

I'm in! I have no idea on the links stuff but I'll try! xo

Mimi said...

belts can add so much character to an outfit! :D

<3, Mimi


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