Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Born pretty Nail art review

Hello my beauties hope you all had a great day !!! I have a amazing review today that I'm so excited to share with you . Born Pretty store Here nail art contact me to do a review on one of there nail arty  products I went with the cutest hello kitty stickers !!! I went to get a new set of nails  done  to style these cute design . Actually when it comes to nail art  my nails I'm lost so these stickers are perfect no design involved or paint or all that you just place the nail art  and add gloss Nail art . And have you seen how pricey design is at your nail shop !!!
 this is how its packaged all enclosed in there own plastic so the nail art stickers don't go anywhere
Up close so cute right !!! nail art
So here's my new set looks pretty plain right not for long
easy instruction on the back !!!nail art
this is how it looks out of the packing all you need to do is grad the nail art  sticker you want they come off easy
I went with the bows first
then the star of the show
and finished it off with the HK heart =)
See what a HUGE DIFFERENCE  I love it and did I mention it has glitter too

My friends at Born pretty are giving all my followers a 10% discount !! how awesome are they use my coupon code : CAJ61 So pick up your own nail art  stickers but they don't only have nail art stickers they have tons tons of other cool things HERE 
Hope you liked this review to all my nail lovers I'll be posting a video on you tube as well so you ladies can check them out live !!! any question please let me know talk to you ladies soon =)

Yours , 


Natalie said...

Nice! I have a roman numeral tattoo too.


They are cute!

Natalie said...

I haven't seen the inside, but they have a website, they remolded the inside back in 2006. http://www.rosslynlofts.net/

I love history, I just envision what it used to be like back in the early 1900's and all the rich and glam LA folks would go there!

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

Very Nice. I'm going this week to do my nails.

Sara said...

To be honest I loved your CL tan pumps sooo much I wanted to find a similar look, so you inspired me to find the deal :)
Now, on to those nails... they look soo cute! And I loove Hello Kitty <3 Great post

Alexis the Honey B said...

OMG those are the cutest things ever!!!!!! i need those little bow stickers!!!!!

Bronzed Humanity said...

AWWW how cute!! Love Hello Kitty!

Hot Pink Day
Shop Blue Vanilla

Dinorah ♥ said...

Sooo cute! I have these too but never used them. now I'm totally going to use them lol Super pretty

Unknown said...

OMG this is adorable :) thanks for the coupon code.


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