Wednesday, August 3, 2011

July Favorites !!


MsRinz said...

wow i cant drink that much water..i dont even drink 2 glasses a day =/ i think it tastes bitter. I might have to go get lemon drop or smething. Great video love :)

Erica said...

25 pounds? that is so awesome, how did you do it? please share tips!! amazing!

as for the Louboutins...don't feel you need to explain anything. Like that LMFAO song goes "Stop...hating is bad" ( I love that line so much! hehe) Whoever you need to explain to is probably a hater anyways. I love that you wear them too! Some people might just leave them in the shoebox or on a pedestal with a bright light shining on them for fear of ruining them (me!) but why not enjoy them? :)

Amber said...

wow i cant believe you drink that much water. I need to start drinking more water and will have to look into making it taste better.

Ramona said...

Those girls are envious and silly. You saved for those shoes and You deserve to wear them wherever You want.Don't be shy about having them and wearing. Enjoy them!
Great video darling.

xoxo Ra

Sara said...

Congrats! That's impressive =) I'm trying to diet too for because I have a cousin's wedding in a month haha. Omg those shoes are absolutely stunning, as long as you are happy when you wear them don't worry about what other people say. And thanks for the recommendations I've been searching for a good self tanner. Great post! :D

Gorgeous Glam said...

I love that milani powder, I've been using it for years and it gives a really great finish! And girl don't feel shy about wearing your loub's they are just jealous! Please, we can shop for bargains in loubs!! That's just a smart girl ;) xo -Taj

Unknown said...

Congratulations doll on your weight loss!!!! Thought I was the only one consuming that much water! :)

<3 Marina

GREEDS said...

Congratulations on your weight loss!

Do you have a workout routine or special diet that you follow? If so, share please!

Great favorites!

Anonymous said...

great faves! congrats on your weight loss too! the Mio stuff sounds great, i'm trying to lose weight and drink tons of water, but do find it boring sometimes. I heard before that sometimes when you think your peckish, your actually just thirsty. I don't know what it is about you or voice or accent, but I feel like I could just sit and listen to you talk all day! I hope that doesn't sound wierd :/ it sounded better in my head! haha

Alice x

Carrie said...

I try to drink atleast 8 glasses of water everyday. I've recently cut down on soda. So just water all day everyday. :D

Congrats on your diet! That's amazing. :D

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