Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I bet you didn't know

Well hello my pretty ladies I hope you all find yourself well!!!! I have a different post today its a post of my life the past 3 months  share with you ladies what has been going on here at the Curves world !!

Well 3 months ago  I lost my job that I had for over 7 years . A job that I didn't see myself without . Not only was I good at what I did but I liked it . I was in transportation  sales and logistics (what is that right) I did the imports of goods from country to country . Working at a man dominated world I was taken as a threat did I mention I was good and what I did !!! 
and I was a victim of discrimination for being a women in a "man's world " my ideas or comments were
taken in consideration nor was my efforts. I had landed several big account and was never given the credit .
In this day and age this still exist and its so upsetting
I can guarantee  that company will never be the same with out me !!!!!

Don't get me wrong I'm a strong believer of things happen for reasons . And this couldn't have been a more perfect timing !!! 

They say a women finds herself when she reaches 30 and that's so true because now more then ever I see things clearly and I've gotten to know myself for 30 years and know what I like and dislike about me !!! its truly a great feeling . 

I felt that everything I've experienced in life or learned has lead me to where I am right now . I've taken a huge risk and started a business in this economy . You would think I have gone mad but its been such a amazing experience . I can't put in words how great its been , My parents  have always said "after the storm comes the clam" ( in Spanish of course ) 

And its so true I'm surrounded by amazing people my family that have supported me my loving husband that always believes in me no matter what crazy Idea I have . The response that I've gotten from all the women that support Fancy steps has been amazing  . Truly God has me where he wants me. 

Since its Thanksgiving time I want to be thankful for leaving that horrible job , my family ,Fancy Steps and all you guys !!! that make my day every day . 

Please if you ever feel like a victim at work don't tolerate  it . You deserve better you are better !

Thanks for taking the time to read my personal experience and for all your support . I needed to share my story encase some of my readers are in the same situation . Just know that dreams do come true no matter how horrible you think it is now .... I promise you it will get better

Yours Truly, 


Collette Osuna said...

What an awesom epost sweets..you truly do have MUCH to be thankful for.....I know of what you speak, all too well...when one dorr closes, another one opens....:)

Twitter Tuesday is back! Come meet Keiko Lynn!!

If Curves Could Talk (Stefanie) said...

Awesome post!! Sometimes you have to remember what you deserve rather than what you want.

Ghadeer said...

thanks for sharing ur story
and as u said every thing happens for a reason its not random
and tomorrow is always better
wait for the unexpected

Erica said...

That was so powerful! I agree with everything you said. Life is too short to be working somewhere where you feel miserable. That has happened to me once and I tried to tolerate it until I couldn't any longer. I don't like quitting, but I viewed it as making a change for the better. Quitting is only when you don't give something 100 percent of yourself and I always did.

You are such a great person with so much to give, so it's really their loss! :) And when God closes a door, he opens a window!!

Estefania Lovelifefashion said...

I really loved this post. So personal, honest and helpfull. thanks a lot for sharing your experience with us :)
Your parents have thr right words "después dela tormenta, siempre viene la calma" that's so true.
Kisses lovely girl.

Erica J said...

inspirational. Last year when I worked for a restaurant I was verbally harrassed on a daily basis from the owner, all the way down to the hostess. and never realized it until i got fired from there and was watching a video for my new job on harrassment. im with yah, thank god thats over and im not sure why it happened but i believe that everything happens for a reason as well. pray for those psychos, you will get double the blessings! ill be praying for you too girl!

Kim Axani said...

Congratulations, senorita! What kind of business did you start?
That's one of my life goals, to work for myself one day as well!

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

This is an amazing post! You are such an inspiration. It's hard for women in any industry, and to work with men...almost impossible! You are truly an inspiration to me.



Wow. Everything happens for a reason and justice will prevail (her name is Karma) I think your business is a great idea and this time next year Fancy Steps will be huge! I'm waiting on wedges I can see myself in lol....You have lots to be thankful for.

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

This is such a great post. I think we all have been here at one point in time. I know I Have been.

I hope you and your family have a good Thanksgiving.


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