Thursday, December 29, 2011

After eating your way threw the holiday's the New Years dress

Yup you read that title right , after you ate your way threw the holidays now you have to look cute and pick out a New years dress ekkkk 
here's your survival guide to what to do to fit in that dress !!!

detox your body drink a herbal green tea or any other detox methods you might use
Drink lots of water 
Stop eating foods with sodium lots of salt can retain water and make you feel bloated that no good with tights dresses !!
Before the holiday eat big the night before that way you don't feel like eating allot for New Years , go for a walk that morning not only will you have energy to stay up all night but your legs will look extra tone for the night muscles will be nice and tight and that's a good thing =)
if all this fails mmmmm just go for a nice flowy dress and some spanx always do the trick !!!

This is a perfect flowy dress very on trend and will hind anything you don't want to show !!! forever 21

But most important have a great time its New Years the Night is yours own it girlie !!!



Anonymous said...

Loved this post! What great little tips :) xx

Carrie said...

Thanks for these tips! Haha. I'm sure they'll be really helpful. :D
I love the color of that dress!


Mallory In New York said...

Very helpful! I was also wondering how exactly I would do this.... So, I made sure to diet this season. I didn't go home for Thanksgiving and I only ate salad on Christmas. I'll probably still drink up on green tea just to ensure I look great on NYE!

Erica said...

Girl, you have no idea how badly I need to detox after this week!

Erica said...

Great tips! Funny, I didn't eat as much as I thought I would this Christmas. Any big New Year's plans? Hubby has to work and I usually don't go out on NYE. Maybe mom will come over and play Jenga with me! Lol, I just bought that game and love it!

Unknown said...

Great tips!! I'm doing a cleanser now and drinking lots of water... :) Happy New Years!

Ayu Muhamad said...

Great tips~I'm trying to lose weight too. I used to wear size 6 but right now I can almost wear size 2 ^.^

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Nice tips. I need to drink more water. Spanx is my best friend.

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

great tips

Mimi said...

pretty flowy dresses/tops are my go-to tricks, they never fail! ;) i've also been drinking lots of water.

happy new year! :D

p.s. i really want spanx!

<3, Mimi

yourstrulypam said...

This post was super helpful! I am definately using some of these tips this weekend when I party for NYE! :)

Unknown said...

thank you! :) those are really helpful tips :)
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