Monday, March 12, 2012

Did I tell you it's my birthday month

Well happy Monday my pretty ladies , this is my birthday week in exactly two days I will leave my 20's  and enter the age of the unknown the dreadful 30 !!!! Yes ladies I leave you all in your 20's make me proud live it up as I wonder a unknown world the dirty 30 !!!

So intense right ,since I'm nuts when it comes to birthday I've been celebrating a little everyday let me give you a recap !!!

This weekend me and my friend will be heading to Santa Barbara for some wine tasting and probably some green beer tasting since its going to be a mad house with
Drunk kiss me I'm Irish t shirts saint Patrick's day madness !!! So looking forward to party like if I was 21oh yeah for then soon reality will hit and my 20's will be a distance memory hahah

sugar free see's candy's piece of heaven in a box
isn't that right !!! little picture thing for my desk
a much needed organizer thank u
new fendi glasses form the hubs amazing
chocolate strawberry's oh yeah how expensive is this chocolate omg !!! as I thought to myself I could have but that top from forever 21 hahahah
tulips that make my day


John B. Marine said...

Dirty 30s, huh? :) I hope you have yourself a great birthday for when it comes. It is always a pleasure seeing your lovely looks and outfits here on "Curves Ahead" as well as on your Facebook fan page. Please take care and have a lovely day!

fashionismyh2o said...

Oooh thirty and flirty! Ha-ha hope you have an utterly amazing day hun :) I want every chocolate thing on this page + I wouldn't mind those cute draws or those flowers either!


Natalie said...

Love all the photos! 30's were hard for me to enter! Looks so yummy, I love chocolate covered strawberries, seriously the way to my heart! LOL
Happy Birthday in advance. Have fun in SB.

Ramona said...

Gosh, how wonderful your Birthday month has been so far. Your sunnies are soooo gorgeous and looks so super chic on You. and the last shot with one of my favorite flowers - tulips, is beautiful.
Have a wonderful, wonderful days my darling!

xoxo Ra

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

The like card is cute.

Tracy D said...

30s are great, not to worry! Happy Birthday, you wear it well :)

GREEDS said...

I've been dying to try those birthday cake Oreos! Everyone has been raving about them.

Gaby Fauchon said...

I wish we had those Oreo birthday cake here, looks delicious Happy birthday girly! x

Erica said...

I'm five years in, welcome to your 30's! It's gonna be a blast. Love your Fendi glasses!!

Gorgeous Glam said...

Happy Birthday chica! 30's are fabulous trust me! Way better than the 20's! Hope it's a glam day! xx -Taj

Jeane M. said...

Ah, another wonderful stage to expect. Hope you have a blast when the big day comes. Coveting for those chocolates.

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Simply Sarah said...

love your blog - and LOVE the pink!!! :-)

New Follower :-)


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