Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Unforgettable birthday

Well hello my pretty ladies, first off let me thank you for all your birthday wishes you guys are just to sweet. I had the most amazing birthday weekend there's no words to 
descried how great it was, I shared it with such important people in my life . Not to say Aggie flow down from AZ to celebrate this mile stone with me .
Not even some rain could have ruined this weekend .I'm going to do several post of my birthday to show you different outfit post.

Let's get start  with the dinner, this has to be favorite part of my weekend .I got to share it with my husband and my brother , And I just loved the location . I booked a room at the  Hotel Whilsire since I was going to be hosting my birthday dinner on their  Roof top  everything planned out just the way I wanted it to ,Well except the rain but it was OK .

Thank you so much to the Whilsire and recommended this place to anyone that wants to enjoy a amazing day in LA 
I don't know about you,  but nothing sweeter then I birthday dress . Foreign exchange dress, forever 21 mint Blazer , Fancy steps Heels 

Aggie and I in our reserved table that quick got moved to a inside patio due to the rain
Never a dull moment with this little lady 

We had dinner then there was the surprise  cake 

clearly from this picture I was super happy 

My husband brought this cake for me he's right there on left side that's where you will always find him always on my side . 

Aggie was the photographer all of these pictures , May I saw she did a wonderful job !! thank you 

speaking about Aggie this is how you'll always see us, laughing on  the most random things

In life is not about the amount of friends you have , its the quality and my goodness these are the best in crowd . My beautiful friend Betty cakes , My sister in law Jackie , and Aggie 
 everyone supported  fancy steps this night Jack has the blue MJ on and Betty has her leopard scarf and Agg has her dream come true heels . True Fancy Ladies 
Love them 

This handsome guy is my husband , thank you babe for making my birthday unforgettable . When we are old we'll look back and see how much fun we had  xoxxo
And this handsome  Guy right here is my brother don't we look alike OMG 

This Lil lady right here hold a special place in my heart Betty cakes I lost her for many years and now we are making up for lost time .

The roof top was how I imagined it what a perfect night . Hey 30th's don't seem that bad

See you next post as my birthday celebration continued with a girls weekend to 
Santa Barbara !!!

Yours ,


Amy's Fashion Blog said...

I'm so happy to see you had an amazing time on your birthday weekend.

Simply Sarah said...

great pictures - LOVE the mint on you! Happy belated birthday!

John B. Marine said...

Your looks are sweeter than ever. Your hair looks amazing, and white + mint green have never looked so lovely together than with your outfit. Great post. And once again, happy [belated] birthday, Candy!

Laura said...

Hey Happy Belated Birthday! You look amazing!! Love the color combination on you outfit...Glad you had a great time..

Jaimee said...

You look FAB in the white and mint! Happy belated Birthday!

Heather said...

You looked amazing, as always though! Happy late birthday !

mineral foundation said...

I can find the colour of your jacket and shoes peeping through your eyelids and it all goes so well together,hope you enjoyed your birthday.Best wishes.

Blanca1018♥ said...

You look gorgeous!
I soo want your mint blazer. super cute<3
How sweet of Aggie to fly out for your bday! You girls sure are a lot of fun!
Your pictures ARE all amazing.
And your cake ... ohhh soo pretty.


Anonymous said...

Love that mint colored blazer.


pavani reddy said...

happy birthday....yummmyyyyy cake..lovely outfit mint is suting u to T...nice shoes...

Jessica said...

What a fabulous birthday. And everyone looks so beautiful and stylish. Love your mint blazer.

Alexis the Honey B said...

Happy birthday!! You looked beautiful girl!!!

Alexis the Honey B said...

Happy birthday!! You looked beautiful girl!!!

Gaby Fauchon said...

Aww I love how your blazer matches your heels, and what a summery color! You and your friend both looked super sexy, looked like you had a great time x

Oh to Be a Muse said...

Your mint green blazer (which I want) and your bow heels are fab! Loving Aggie's hair too. Happy 30th hun!

Unknown said...

I enjoyed all your birthday pics and you absolutly look stunning on your birthday. That is so sweet of Aggie to fly down and sped your bday with you :)

Unknown said...

Honey so happy to see you had an amazing time on your special day. You're definitely very blessed to have such lovely people around you.

YOU'RE LOOKING HOT.....Lovely photos.

<3 Marina

Mimi said...

gorgeous outfit and yummy cake! i'm happy you had an unforgettable birthday! :)

<3, Mimi
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Brie Bemis @ Sophistifunk said...

I'm in love with your blazer!

Lavoguette said...

Very beautiful: styles, photos, blog!

see u in my blog


Anonymous said...

happy belated birthday! glad you had a great time and you look gorgeous! x


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