Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Master the Maxi

ladies I had discovered the secret to a maxi skirt !!!! Yes listen carefully,your mind will be blown away in a second,this is top secert ..... to master the Maxi skirt or dress ..... (suspense).... wear high,high Heels yes ladies high heels will not only give the the height but the perfect look. Here's some pictures to show you.

What I wore my black maxi from last year never worn a forever 21 T shirt I just bought you can see my last haul HERE my favorite all time heels from Fancy Steps and necklace get yours HERE

So  ladies when in doubt just put those fancy high heels and own that maxi. Are you scared of Maxi skirts? what don't you like about them? talk to you ladies soon

Here's of picture of me about to brake dance hahah JK but maybe not no no jk lololol



Unknown said...

loves those shoes :)

Alexandra Marie

Camille said...

I love this outfit on you! It looks so good with the high contrast of colors... and those heels! Awesome!

Savannah said...

Love those shoes! I might need to bust out a maxi plus heels combination now! (:

Anonymous said...

This outfit is simple, casual and still STYLISH! Love it!

Anonymous said...

this looks great on you!! I want to find a maxi for saturday!! any suggestions where to look? :)

Jessica said...

I was gonna say break dance in heels hahaaa! U look sexay love it I wish I wasn't so shirt so I could wear big old heels everyday hahaa

Unknown said...

Love the outfit and shoes! I wish I could wear Maxi skirts but I have wide thighs and I don't like how it makes my whole body look. I should give them a try. I know there must be a good fitted Maxi for me out there.

John B. Marine said...

Candy, I've never had a problem with maxi skirts or maxi dresses. Those pumps are a sweet pair to compliment this maxi skirt. As much as I'd prefer maxis with platform pumps or platform sandals, I've accepted the look of a maxi dress or maxi skirt with a pair of lace-up booties (like the Fancy Steps Mint Booties). There's just something about hiding a pair of platforms under a maxi skirt or maxi dress, even a pair of platform lace-up booties. I also love your necklace. Great outfit!


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