Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fear of the white pants

well Hello ladies hope you are all doing great !!! I have a post today of one of my BIGGEST dislikes WHITE pants and going threw these pictures made me think what was I thinking, I have never not liked something so bad as I don't like white pants. So you ask why did you buy what pants if you hated them soooo much, well the answer to that question is still unknown. How about you do you like white pants??? here's the pictures of me trying to pull white pants off which was a complete fail in my book.

other then hating the white pants I did love my new cape toe pumps from Fancy Steps !!! you can find them here Fancy Steps along with the neon handbag necklace and cuff .Top and Pants are from Marshall's

white pants makes you legs look enoumous lol

 I keep on sneaking in this abondon house on my block to take pictures heheheh

Love this top has this opening in the back its super cute !!!

talk about bright you will for sure not get lost  with this handbag  find it Here

I end this post with my little guy my nephew he loves to pose for the pictures ,till next time ladies talk to you soon !!!



Savannah said...

I'm not a huge white pants fan, I have curvier thighs, so I concur with the fact that they make my legs look bigger!
Love the purple and yellow combo.


The Chic Latina said...

So fab! love everything especially that necklace!


Jessica said...

That is super Bright.. it makes u look very tan without going to the beach lol. Its the sun on its own =) love ur top as well hun

Ramona said...

You look amazing in your white pants.I have big fear from white bottoms.
neon accessories looks fabulous and that blouse is so cute.

xoxo Ra

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

cute top. I'm not a big fan of white pants either

Unknown said...

I love all these colors. You have an issue w white pants but I dont see it, I on the other hand have an issue with backless or shoulder baring tops. Im so self conscious of my shoulders and arms lol. I love the neon pumps and Matt is stoo cute in that pic w you.

1xellus1 said...

I think you look cute! I like white pants. But I am top heavy so I usually do dark top, light bottom. On the other hand, I abhor white shoes. LOL Marshalls is great. I got a pair of white Levi's there when I used to wear a size 10. LOL Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Looking gorgeous as ever doll!!! And yes I do too hope to meet real soon doll.!!

<3 Marina

Adriana said...

Love this look, the white pants look great on you!
Little Petite

Unknown said...

I love white pants although my curves are accentuated, I love them. I think you pulled them off great girl!

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

I don't know what you are afraid of. You look great in those pants.

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Unknown said...

you totally rocked the white pants!!! you look amazing and im loving how you styled the whole look!!! ... :)


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