Friday, September 14, 2012

Fashion post

I have some Fashion pictures on my phone so I wanted to share them with you !!!

Hi low Skirt with a Blazer form Marshals and basic black tee and my carmel Fancy Steps heels great outfit I felt great

Here's another look I put together A forever 21 Skirt a new plus size top from Fancy Steps the same Marshall's blazer that I love its so nice and light weight with this weather lately OMG and my new Fancy Booties

   I wasn't feeling this outfit that much I didn't like how this skirt dress looked with this top I have to try to style this new top we just received at Fancy Steps again !!!

 I love and hated this outfit I loved my wedge sneakers gave this look a cool look new at Fancy Steps and I love Love this new dress but It was too tight on my tummy area =( so I have to really come back to it soon!!! and My missy wanted to make a appearance.

then have you ever had a outfit that you just felt to sexy to go outside well this one was mine I wanted to model a new Fancy Dress we received but I felt so sexy with this dress. I was a bit out of my comfort Zone but I do have to say I liked the way I looked !!!

that's it for now talk to you all soon  have a great weekend



*To Wanderlust* said...

Wow gorgeous outfits , those yellow heels are gorgeous ! xx

John B. Marine said...

I'll go one-by-one of each outfit, Candy...

1.) Love the high-low/mullet skirt and the deliciously sweet caramel pumps. The blazer is a lovely compliment to everything.

2.) Pretty wild and colorful style with the top. Good bit of edge provided with the lace-up booties.

3.) I described the color of those pumps as molten lava. I really like this look here.

4.) I have no problem with wedges, but I am not as easily turned on about wedge sneakers, especially not the ones that have trended recently. This dress and the denim jean jacket are both nice, though.

5.) Candy, your style is beautifully blue with the blazer and these peep-toe pumps. Pretty hot dress to go with the blue garments here.

Sweet style!

Jessica said...

are you loosing weight? you look great hun

Unknown said...

Loving that blue blazer!

Shareena said...

ah! you turns blonde! :) looks great on you!

Julisa said...

looove <3
really cute outfits! =)

Mimi said...

i love your high-low skirt and all your shoes!!! :D

<3, Mimi
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Unknown said...

Great looks Candy I especially love the first one I would totally wear this and think this really flattered your figure. I also loved your sexy look and I have had the same thing happen to me in the past I cant wear too sexy in public but you looked great.


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