Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Vampire Lips

Its fall and I've been rocking the Fall lips !!!!

I have to say I'm pretty odsessed  with dark lipsticks right now even if it makes me look like a cholla I think it goes well with my skin Color.
And here is the my favorite lipstick Mialni Plum don't let that dark color scare you it goes on more red then black I promise !!!

Do you do plum lips ???

tell next time ladies


Unknown said...

Dark lips are awesome and look amazing on you I love it. I missed blogger thats for sure.

John B. Marine said...

Candy, your makeup touches here are lovely. Considering how much darker colors (such as burgundy) are trendy lately, the plum lip color looks amazing on you along with the touches to your eyes and eyebrows. You look more gorgeous than ever here. Sweet style, Candy! Candy-sweet style, I might say.


Amy's Fashion Blog said...

you are rock the dark lips very well

Chica Cherrie said...

That is the color I have been using all week, im also testing it for a blog post!!! I Love it!! great minds think alike!

Ramona said...

You look amazing and so hot! Fantastic!
I'm loving my berry and tangerine color lipsticks for Fall. Those are two my favorites, but now and than I pick up my nudes and pinkyred lipsticks :)

xoxo Ra

Carrie said...

I've been really into wearing bright colored lipsticks like red and coral. I used to hate wearing things on my lips but I think it really does come with age because i love it now. this is a really nice color. when i saw how dark it was on the actual stick, I was kinda shocked but i like how it looks when applied.


Unknown said...

Definitely rocking the vampy lipsticks fall !


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