Friday, December 14, 2012

Baby proof !! Aveeno J&J review

This little kool kid is my amazing nephew !!! all threw summer we went from pools to pool and  the beach !!!

One thing for sure was that a bubble bath was right after and since I'n not a mom I have to have the best products that I trust on this little cutie so Aveeno was my go to baby wash !!!
Not only is a 2 in one so it was  really good since I didn't really know kids did the whole shampoo thing. Well this wash washed all gems and left him super clean

So totally recommend this product to any mom but you ladies must already know that Aveeno is awesome !! but to my babysitting aunts like me look no more  .

Only the best for this little guy that smile gets me every time


Amy's Fashion Blog said...

he such a cutie

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

lol I'm all about baby proofing these days. I love Aveeno for kids. I use a lot of its products. Good one, Curves!
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