Thursday, January 10, 2013

My boots are made for walking

Well hello there my favorite ladies !!! I have style outfit today !!! and since I'm short like 5 feet short, I stay far away from flat boots. Because 1. I'm short and 2. I'm short  but I couldn't pass up these new boots from Fancy Steps spikes and combat. Reminds me of my rocker days,very watch out I'll kick you butt kinda look, but you don't have to resort to violence. No its actually very trendy now so best of both world.

top from Fancy Steps  and tights from Fancy Steps  Sweater from Marshall's and boots well you know Fancy Steps  

So ladies kick butt and stay Fancy



Amy's Fashion Blog said...

Hot Boots

John B. Marine said...

I kind of dig this tough outfit here. Not entirely in love with it, but it is a very cool look for you here. The close-up of you is truly gorgeous. These spiked boots are not over-the-top outlandish, but I like them with this outfit. Nice one, Candy. Have a great day/night!

Mimi said...

those boots are so cute! i love the studs! :D

<3, Mimi

Unknown said...

ahhh Im obsessed with those ! I have black combats that are VERY similar.
Once again great post :)

Alexandra Marie


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