Friday, February 8, 2013

does my wisdom teeth make more wise

Well happy friday ladies hope you all had a great week here's a a OOTD for this week that I just loved. Have you ever put on a dress and just felt amazing in ... well this dress did it for me,I felt great the cut and the shape was perfection. Not to tight or lose so it shaped my curves just right,and with the added belt it was a plus.New item that  Fancy Steps just received and I couldn't be happier.

Here's the look  
Fancy Steps Dress and Shoes  blazer from Marshals, Went with a bold Mac lip to bring some color to the blue pallet.

 is this mirror picture fun great way to really show your outfit on instagram !!!

love love this new XO necklace that we just received  simple and chic. I had my wisdom tooth taken out this last Wednesday and this picture is my face very swollen from the process . The conturing of my cheeks was a process to say the least.

I was in so much pain this week from a really bad tooth ache that I swear to you I thought I was going crazy like mental. Thank God for dentist !!!

  And of course you can't forget the heels that's the best part !! these sky high heels are a must and not to say comfy. Oh to be a girl and short is the life no heel ever to high.Get a pair HERE

Well my friends have a great week take care talk to you soon



Unknown said...

Loving your hair color!

John B. Marine said...

I love blue. You did my favorite color absolute justice with this sweet outfit. I adore the dress and the blazer. Those cobalt blue platform peep-toe pumps are VERY sweet to compliment the dress. Once again- sweet style, Candy. Great outfit! Get well soon after the dental work.

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

Loving your hair.

Jessica said...

You look amazing. That dress is beautiful and I love your heels. I hope your toothache is all better.

Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

Wengie said...

I love that outfit!!
Much love,

Unknown said...

“I had my wisdom tooth taken out this last Wednesday and this picture is my face very swollen from the process.” - Well, it doesn't seem like it! About your question, wisdom tooth is named as such because they usually appear between ages of 16 and 25, when we are presumably 'wiser'. But there are times that we need to extract when they are affecting the adjacent tooth.


Unknown said...

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