Friday, May 24, 2013

memorial weekend make over

We made it threw another week ladies, I had a great week meet up with the beautiful gorgeous glam  and talked baby talk, mommy talk and fashion talk just couldn't have gotten better.

The weekend starts and instead of packaging up for some great trip my husband and I will be packing up our little house and making room room for my little bundle of joy,The most exciting part the baby's room. where you first make a connecting with your baby,I've heard its when you realize "ah Man this is for reals" well not that the big tummy doesn't remind you all the time. But a connection of welcoming this special part of your life into your life. 

Like I mentioned before I don't know the gender so nothing has been bought for the baby's room ,yes I know super bummer.But I do need to clear out my closet to make room for the baby. And Surprisingly I'm  beyond excited not even thinking about my clothes shoes accessories where it will all go ?? hey if it needed to be outside for the nursery then I guess  it will just have to.
Being a mom changes your thoughts your cares your everything and I'm loving the changes. 

Here's some inspiration for my baby room 
Inspiration #1 
First up is a boys room 
love the blue grayish color with white furniture and the vintage accents are a must I also  love the frames I have to do that just love the clean lines in this room.   

Girls room
Inspiration #2 
I'm in love with light grey and light pink 
very shaddy chic with the chandelier love the frame work in here to and of course white furniture    

So ladies I hope you have a great weekend and of course safe weekend , as for me I'll be in moving land wish me luck.

talk to you soon 



John B. Marine said...

Best of luck and best wishes, Candy. I'm sure you'll come up with some nice room to please your offspring. Hope your weekend is a great one. Take care and once again- congratulations!

Unknown said...

congrats darling you must be elated! I love all of them important thing is a chandelier, glams it up!

Jessica said...

Beautiful baby room inspirations. I love the idea of chandelier in a baby room.


Anonymous said...

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