Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Baby nursery part #2

Well hello ladies, hope you all are doing well as for me I'm very very pregnant I'm just about 7 months and I can honestly say the time has been flying by. I'm very anxious to hold my baby girl I've gotten her nursery ready and let me show you guys some pictures.

my family and I have poured our heart soul into this room and its just perfection...

I did a two tone color in the nursery went with grey and yogurt  pink
This is her closet area that I decided to do no doors to display her clothes, Baby clothes are the cutest.

Went with a very vintage feel nursery I wanted it to be timeless fit for a princess. Both items where repurposed nothing spray paint can't fix.
Well every girl needs a great closet we put up these racks so as she grows we can adjust them to fit her
Instead of a traditional changing table we went with a vintage shabby chic dresser my husband repainted it and it looked perfect.

the organization of the dresser was perfect with the Ikea dividers keeps her things clean and neat.

We added a special touch with this vintage heart mirror that was also repurposed, went perfect and gave it a perfect touch.

 I found this perfect rug at a specialty store for persian rugs it was on the expensive side but I just had to get it I guess you can say I splurge on this purchase.

Our crib was gifted by my older brother it was a great gift. All my family built it together so made it even better.

My husband putting her name right in the center of her crib I bought it threw esty you can find it Here

SO I don't overwhelm this post with so many pictures I will continue with a part #3 so you can see how everything came together.

Thank you for stopping by and experiencing this magical time of my life tell next take care and talk to you soon.


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