Thursday, October 24, 2013

Style with change

What's your style .... do you ever ask yourself that question ??? well, I sure have lately I'm at  a style cross over.Mother hood  fast approaching and I'm at a stand still.What kind of stylish mom would I be? will I forget of curves ahead style ... will I still wear heels .... questions after questions.

 See the style revolution happens when your pregnant, No more heels,(course if your Kim kardasain  you wore heels all threw your pregnancy) .Tights become you best friend and forget about jeans and you just want to comfortable. like really where did the sexy curvy women go that comfort was never a option.

with my daughter will this become worse ? I mean I will have some one to take care of and to tell you the truth I don't know how I feel about high heels and stroller never really did like that look.

Image from yahoo see told you this isn't the mom look ...

imagining my body after pregnancy is hard to do. Since my weight has always been a challenge I don't expect that to change now with even more weight to loss. But I lost 50 pounds once and May golly I will do it again. So that being said, I imagine my style to be effortless but chic I want to look like a put together mom. A mom that of course has her make up and hair done and didn't just roll out of bed. Yes,I know there will countless nights of no sleep but that's why you stay home on those days right lol

I really like these mom looks from celebrities.

 God this women is beast she's always perfection !!!

So what I learned from the pictures above is that you can do the heels and add more style when you carry your baby or they start walking. So hey you have time to figure out what your mom style.

So no matter how fast or slow you lose that baby weight just know with a little time and will  you can be as stylish as you want . Just maybe leave the heels home when you have your stroller just saying lolol

Well ladies glad to chat with you tell me how your style changed when you had kids, would love to know so talk to you soon take care

Curves & baby Violet


Amy's Fashion Blog said...

You are going to be an awesome mom

John B. Marine said...

I am obviously not a female, so I can't answer on any level of experience. What I do know is that it's great to be a classy-looking mom (not to mention being classy in general). Candy, I am sure you will be a beautiful and classy mom both in personality and in style. Hope all is well with you. Take care and have a great day/night.


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